Werewolf cafe. It's like a cross between a dog cafe and a maid cafe.

Ohhey, another free speech instance run by a tech bro with terrible opinions.

"Punching Postwar Nazis"

Daniel Sonabend discusses the lost history and legacy of the 43 Group—a post-World War II association of British Jewish antifascist fighters.


Knives Out, spoiler 

Having a milkshake for dinner, because I am an adult and I am allowed to make bad decisions for myself.

Typing one handed because the cat is hugging the other, listening to Boards of Canada and dreaming.

healers are tops, DPS are bottoms, and tanks are switches (depending on team comp)

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Kids in my classroom just called a Oujia board "ghost google."

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Lying in bed, playing with my tiny cat daughter's fluffy little head

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