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I love that this looks like it's trying to sell you a tankless water heater out of a truck but it's using real research and really good diagrams

Comic artist wanted for cyberpunk venture, boosts welcome 

Anyone interested in a 70/30 venture to make a webcomic? I'd love to make the novel I'm writing into a webcomic and well, why the hell not, let's make a Patreon!

I already have a chapter written, which is more than enough to draw material to keep ppl hooked.


* Knows how to draw tech stuff
* Knows how to draw good characters

Interested folks message me.

Still feels weird coming here.

I spent a year in limbo, dealing with the situation at home, and my old instance is gone for who knows how long.

And I see a lot of ppl here whom I hadn't seen in a year... as if nothing had happened. And everything's changed so much.

So, what you been up to, ppl?

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Money help request begging, medical hell 

Hi everyone.

my nesting partner and i are dealing with a fuckload of debt from some medical hell that cropped up last year. We need help, desperately.

We are looking at something like $3500.

Please help? Please boost?


Any help is appreciated. We're in way too deep water right now and need that help. Please.

begpost, debt, boosts OK πŸ”„ 

I got enough donations to survive for a week, thank you ppl!!! πŸ™‡πŸ™‡πŸ™‡

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my steven universe spinel nine inch nails wish AMV is finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!

here it is

SPOILER WARNING for the steven universe movie

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Viral video idea 

Obstacle course: Sneaky the cat vs. Dogzilla

Anyone knows what's going on with I have my main there πŸ™

The 1968 Tlatelolco massacre 

Today it's 53 years since the 1968 student massacre.

With the excuse of preventing a communist insurrection, secretary of state Luis Echeverria sent the army to corner and attack more than 10 thousand people, students in their majority, who protested against a military invasion of the Universidad Nacional AutΓ³noma de MΓ©xico, a legally declared Autonomous Zone.

Official media reported no more than 20 deaths, but unofficial accounts report hundreds of people killed.

Documents later released confirm that snipers were employed by the government.

To this day, "2 de Octubre no se olvida" (October 2 won't be forgotten) is a common chant in anniversary marches.

As a personal commentary: This is yet another mass casualty of the red scare. If someone ever tells you that capitalism hurts no one, remind them of 2 de Octubre.

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nfts, conspicuous consumption 

NFTs give you the added "benefit" of conspicuous consumption. People can find out who "owns" a particular bit of digital goo. You have that built-in ability to show off your digital flair.

It's the same with special costumes in video games. It shows that you're unique because you spent money. It's the digital equivalent of a luxury good.

That's why it's doubly-off-putting to me. It's the bullshit luxury crap with the added environment-fucking added to taste.

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Cybre Rick relayed outage? 

Guys, since today morning I've been unable to log into - does anyone know anything about it?

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medical (+) 

I'm finally going to a room! :blobcheer:

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meta, impressions, twitter 

@rick_777 I swear, if Twitter gets groups before Mastodon does…

meta, impressions, twitter 

People in the fedi:

"Mastodon is so toxic! We're tired of these flamewars blablabla"

Me: πŸ€”Maybe I should give twitter another chance...

Twitter: STFU, trans rights are an attack on women's rights! Trump forevaaah

Me: 😐 Nope. πŸš€

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