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not relying on github is a good lesson to learn from the attack on #youtube-dl.

another lesson is: please avoid supporting the RIAA. you can avoid buying copyrighted music, i do so for ~15 years. donate to artists if you wanna support them.

i guess canceling things like spotify is a good idea as well. maybe they even ask you why. :)


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Dear Free Software and Privacy-loving individual,

If you care the slightest bit about freedom of speech, please take 10 seconds of your time to run the following command into your terminal:

git clone

That's it. You're saving a very important piece of internet history that may be necessary later.

Thank you for your attention. Your effort makes the internet a better place.

#censorship #youtubedl

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Looking for people to follow on Mastodon and the Fediverse? 🤔

Here's a complete list of recommended accounts so far:

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when you or i say 'the economy':
things being made, things getting done, people getting paid

when conservatives say 'the economy':
the process of wealth being transferred from the many to the few

Cheap VPN services for intranets? 

Most of the VPN services I've found online are for accessing external websites, but that's not the kind of VPN I'm looking for.

I'm looking for a VPN service where two machines from the internet can connect to each other as if they were in a LAN, something like a virtual office.

Does anyone here have any experience with this type of VPN? It'll be for 5 computers max (maybe even fewer).

Any advice is welcome.


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family, money request, boost ok 

My dad went to the doc and the diagnosis wasn't good. Can't give details, but he needs to see a neurologist soon. He has an appointment with a geriatrist tomorrow.

Donations appreciated.

Boosts ok. :boost_grey:

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do you like 80s synth, industrial dance, latin freestyle, classic rave, wilson philips, soulfy? you're weird. I'm back from sick leave, get weird with me spinning live on @tilderadio in an hour at 0200 UTC

#np #fediplay #dj #radio

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(uspol) In light of recent events... 

Oh and apologies for my terrible grammar.

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(uspol) In light of recent events... 

I predict this will be the video that will become a synonym of the Republican campaign.

(Also, my deepest sympathy for those legally tied to officially express their opinions on this space)

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Programming with Java and Dexer textmode GUI: Adding descriptions to the main menu items 

Stumbled on my first Jexer roadblock: Showing a menu item description in the status bar.

It turns out that this functionality is NOT built-in, and I can't override classes like TMenu or TMenuItem (WTF?), they have final methods and private constructors. Who the hell came up with this idea??? :blobugh:

So, in order to be able to display a menu item's description text in the statusbar, I had to add an onIdle() event handler to the application's desktop object.

This handler finds the active menu in the menubar and gets the active menu item's id, then updates the status bar text with a string that I store manually using the menu item id as key.

It's a horribly complicated workaround, but it works! 😀

Best of all, since it's called in an onIdle() event, it only gets called after the last event is processed, which means it's efficient and doesn't consume any unnecessary cycles!

#Java #Jexer #TurboVision #programming

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looking for emoji plz boost 

Looking for a capitalist pig emoji! With top hat, a dollar bill on the hat side and a cigar in its mouth!

Boosts appreciated.


image description 

a little submarine labeled "toot toot".

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subtoot (+) 


| |
(toot toot)~~~~

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Due to circumstances that I can't currently expound upon 🤫​🤭​ the Birmingham Free Store is currently in need of funding

Please support critical mutual aid in a predominantly Black and predominantly poor neighborhood of Birmingham, Alabama. You can contribute to our patreon here or make a one-time donation to our venmo @bhamfreestore

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