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Guys, If you've been following me or my alt account (@yuki), please take note: I'm setting up my gender-updated account in this very same server: @yuki_mx

I'll be using that account from now on. Hopefully everything will be ok with the migration.

See ya! :blobcat:

@noelle @Jo @polychrome Maybe we can ask someone with more expertise for help? (But the real problem is that both porsupah and self don't seem to use any alternative addresses so we can't even do that :( )

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The internet has ushered in an era of unprecedented invasive surveillance. Commercial operators large and small spy on us in every way and sell and give away and leak our data to criminals, cops, spies, advertisers and stalkers.

This isn't because you're not paying for "the product," which makes *you* the product. Companies that *can* abuse you *do*.


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World's biggest clown purchases world's largest circus

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Lost instance shout out, plz boost. 

Can anyone tell me what happened to It's been non-operational for months now 😒

Self, porsupah, you there?

Boosts welcome. :boost_ok:

@kadybat Feel free to complain or ask questions πŸ™‚

Okay guys, just how many joined since the Musk takeover?

I want hard data. 😀

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Asking for financial help, boosts welcome 

#MutualAid Hey there, I’m kind of in a pinch here, I’m out of money for the week until I get paid, and I’m actually slightly overdrafted on my account

I should be fine with supplies but I could really use some money to

- fill up that overdraft asap so fees don’t penalize me too much
- make sure that Iβ€―can pay rent and afford food for the entirety of next month without falling back into overdraft

Donate if you can, but either way boosts also help a ton, so don’t hesitate to do at least that <3

Ko-Fi (accepting card through stripe):

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#feditips New users; PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fill out your bio before you start following people!
I'm sure you are excited to get started, but please take a minute to let everyone know what you are about before you start following people. Look at some other people's bios for inspiration if you like like; but I can assure you that you will have a better time, and better interactions if you have something in your bio.

Maybe even consider writing a pinned intro post if you are feeling really motivated

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@sng @ljwrites The NFL had a similar problem for a long time: Black people were considered "not intelligent enough" and "couldnt think quick on their feet enough" to be lead quarterback. So starting quarterback positions would consistently be handed to White men who performed at half the rate.

Which meant half the wins.

Which meant half the fans.

Which meant half the money.

And *THEN* coaches started changing their tune.

But just barely

@TheGibson Noice :blobcatcool:

BTW, I wonder... did she artificially modify her pitch through software, or was it the result of surgery?

Because... I'm interested :blobcatinnocent:

message to my 'followers' 

@theruran You're the one boosting them???

Wow, thanks! πŸ‘

@wolf480pl @ullard Exactly. Cyberpunk was made by nerds, for nerds. It's our turf and we can nerd out as much as we want :blobuwu:

@lashman Wow, it's beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing!

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