bad screenshot, eye contact 

installing Daz Studio on my Windows machine! :blobcheer:

capitalism meme 

You've got mail! Yet another newsletter at the job on how to handle stress!


Me, 1AM: "I think I'll just fix this short scene on my novel."

Me, 5AM:

cyberpunk 2077, genitalia mention, meme 

How much is too much? 🀣

online piracy stuff, long text 

From my old bookmarks: Interesting analysis on how online pirate groups work.

image test 4 

deleted and reinstalled fedilab.

Also changed wifi.


cleared cache from inside app and app cache from phone settings.

image test 2 

this image should be captioned. Testing in another app.

image test If this image has no captions, you have a bug.

Fullmetal Alchemist fan theory 

Nina and her dog Alexander reincarnated as Chiyo-chan and Tadakichi-san from Azumanga Daioh.

That's my head canon and is not open for discussion. 😀

covid, Mexican humor 

Mexico coping with the pandemic the only way we know: food.

social distancing meme 

Me, as an introvert:

covid meme (on the expectations for the working class) 

Image caption is self explanatory.

Writing - breakthrough! +++++ 

Remember how scrivener stopped working and left me stranded without being able to access my files or try to get some order out of them?

Well, I finally deciphered the XML structure of it, and not only did I make a simplified version of it, I'm making a chapter/scene Spreadsheet, too!

This is a **HUGE** progress! Now I can start copying / transcribing from these files to LibreOffice, yay!!! :blobcheer:

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