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i have returned to the mastodon continues to confuse me.

@kadybat Feel free to complain or ask questions 馃檪

@kadybat @rick_777 if a weird alt right dude buys the website you can switch to another one without losing your posts or most of your follow connections

@kadybat @rick_777 (I'm not sure if the post migration thing works yet, it was on the roadmap at one point. I'm working on a thing that makes migration possible even if a site just disappears without warning, and that would make the post migration thing easier/faster).

@mcc @rick_777 okay but why are there so many instances all at once and why are several of them seemingly just already alt-right shitholes

@kadybat @rick_777 because there is nothing in place to prevent this

(and probably no way to put a system in place to prevent it*)

(* You could imagine closed federation instead of open federation, where the group of servers is fixed and new servers are only added by some kind of consensus process. This would necessarily fall to one of two failure modes: Either it would fail to get buy-in, or it would fail to establish actual independence between servers.)

@kadybat @rick_777 (That is, in order to convince people to join the closed federation instead of creating their own servers/federated networks you have to have a lot of cultural power, but people with power rarely give it up鈥 someone with enough power to pull it off, like imagine if Twitter voluntarily broke up, would be more likely to do something like Facebook did with its cryptocurrency, creating multiple on-paper independent "servers" that are in-reality owned by one single organization.)

@kadybat @rick_777 (If you were looking for an answer along the lines of "what justifies this" instead of "how did this happen" I am not going to have an answer for you.)

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