Considering switching from Firefox to . Can anyone share their experiences?

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@rick_777 Few broken pages, works well otherwise. Since there are updates now and then I hope for fixes. Dark reader seems completely broken

as smooth as possible since it's a soft fork of firefox, just with telemetry removed.

@rick_777 Hello! I switched from Firefox to Librewolf recently.

It's broadly the same as Firefox and aside from some teething troubles, with deleting cookies at close (though a few sites still do that and I don't know why).
For some reason it still had webRTC enabled.
I re-enabled Firefox Sync because I find that super useful.

@rick_777 Feels pretty much identical to Firefox with the privacy settings turned all the way to the strictest from what I've tried

Haven't switched fully yet myself though, mostly because I have a custom UI setup in Firefox that I want to rework when I switch

@SigmaOne @rick_777 As a relatively recent switcher from a variety of browsers, I second that.

So far, every time I've had trouble I was unable to resolve with LibreWolf, I've tried the same site with Firefox and it hasn't worked there, either.

@rick_777 Sounds great, but I'm somewhat suspicious that they don't have a written code of conduct.

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