(Finally I realized, this wasn't to enforce an anti fascist agenda, it was all about control)

I think all the Mastodon instance admins should write an open letter to Google to complain about this.

And promote F-droid at the same time.


@rick_777 @freemo Wow that's very worrying.. Perhaps we need to do that yes. I wonder if Apple will follow..

@Gargron @chr

@rick_777 @freemo @Gargron @stux
This is one of the reasons why Linux phones are important. IMHO using LineageOS or any other AOSP-based OS (whenever possible) isn't even sufficient, because they are still based on technology controlled by Google. We need to be completely free of Google and Apple on mobile phones.
@compass_straight_edge @Gargron @rick_777 @stux @freemo
Of course, I own a #Pinephone #UBports Community Edition. I have been almost Android-free for a year, at least mobility-wise, using #UbuntuTouch on a used compatible phone. Unfortunately I still have to rely on an Android authentication app to log in to my employer's VPN from home.

I intend on testing postmarketOS at some point.
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