#Fediverse !! Need some reccs for low-cost or free software solutions for a friend who has a small business

She wants to digitize her punchcard system where customers buy a card in advance, and come into her shop and pick up the stuff and get part of the card crossed off

Any ideas? I am struggling even what to google...


@vickysteeves You need a database! Each card should have a QR code containing the data, and the database should keep the record of which card has what items crossed. In fact, you could store the entire purchase history: Which day at what time what was bought.

From a consultant's POV, I could tell you that you need a three part system:

a) To print the card/coupons
b) Point-of-sale software to manage the purchases
c) a QR reader to give you the card's id.

But now that I think of it... (cont'd)

@vickysteeves I think what you want is a Point-of-Sale system with support for Gift Cards and Loyalty cards.

So you might want to google this:

* Loyalty card software
* Loyalty software
* Gift card software
* POS software

And I'm sure that something will come up that will fit your needs.

(Note: You might have to spend a few weeks of research for the perfect match)

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