« From my position of privilege, I find it intellectually stimulating to reason dispassionately about the suffering of others »

~~ every fossbro ever, when confronted to a social justice issue

@mathieu computer enthusiasts were selected by the industry for low emotional intelligence (mostly to kick out women from the field); unsurprisingly, the FOSS world then started self-selecting the worst excesses of the industry, in a show of performative toxic masculinity. In short: you want a ton of Linus and Stallman clones? Because this is how you get lots of Linus and Stallman clones

@ebassi @mathieu I consider Linus and Stallman heroes fit for their time; they lived and fought in an environment dominated by men. I say we still need them, but at the same time I don't think they're fit for today's world. Society has changed, much faster than we anticipated. In short, we need new heroes, BUT at the same time we must be careful not to throw away the accomplishments of the Free Software movement. We must learn to separate the man from the - 1/2


@ebassi @mathieu mission. Demonizing the people who fought for our freedoms even decades before we were born is, IMO, self destructive. - 2/2

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