@ella_kane @mdhughes Nah, I don't buy it. They could have split that five minute scene into two (or maybe three) two-minute horror scenes, each more brutal than the previous. A shot of the robot getting more powerful as it began collecting more and more parts would have been way better.

Wait - there WAS a similar movie in this vein: Moontrap (1989). A war robot found in a moon colony started rebuilding itself from scrap. The movie was a flop, but they got the suspense right.

@rick_777 @ella_kane That's because Moontrap is a horror movie (and I love Koenig and Campbell in it) about killer robots.

isn't a horror movie, it's a cyberpunk dystopia slice-of-… well, death, mostly. Even having the machine is maybe a mistake, but it gives them something to do.


@mdhughes @ella_kane Exactly, it's like the movie can't decide what it's supposed to be. Horror? Post-apocalyptic Sci-fi? ...art? :blobshrug:

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