Hey fellow Mastodonians!

I know mean well when you add a Content Warning (CW), but please be a bit more descriptive (say 3 or more words).

Some of us unknowingly click it because we can't bear the suspense, and the CW does not have the intended effect.

#TLDR: You should use ...
> ... CW's (content warnings) that are accurate and descriptive enough


I only give enough info about the topic so the the reader will skip in fear.

* death, gross
* Food
* Uspol
* Venezuela
* mh-
* animal abuse

Just with the title people will be able to discern whether they're so disturbed by a topic that they won't need to open it.

BAD examples for being vague or just awful:

* Guess what happened today
* My dog died on me 😢
* nsfw
* Fuck you if you think Maduro blah blah

If your CW needs a CW, you're doing it wrong! 😡

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