Recently I've seen activity (like follows, or isolated replies) of lots of people who had joined Mastodon as early as 2016 but barely posted or followed anyone. 20 posts max, of which many were boosts.

So why the sudden increase in activity? :blobthinking:

@rick_777 I think we're close to an inflection point in the fediverse.

Rate of adoption is going to increase soon.

And whitelisting still hasn't been implemented.

This is going to be a problem.

Also, brace yourself for another Eternal September. :blobnervous:

@rick_777 usually a thing has happened on some other platform and people suddenly remember they also have a fediverse account

@rick_777 They've completed their prison sentences for abduction.

I guess Mastodon got popular, so some people who discovered it early and gave up are coming back?

@rick_777 people getting reminded that mastodon is a thing that exists

@rick_777 Early adopters created accounts to stake out territory. Now the Fediverse is really active, so they're coming back to those accounts.

@rick_777 Tumblr killing itself by banning adult content might be one reason. I didn't start getting into fedi until that happened and I was getting sick of it and Facebook's shit.
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