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Just realized I didn't write my yet! Does it count as ? 😜

Gen-Xer born in ; since kid I was a and liked and , so it was logical I'd eventually discover the genre (, , , , , ...)

Aside from that I've done and ; have gnu/#Linux on my PC and recently I discovered .

Currently a scifi novel about and .

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Random find:

"... by / for fans of the late-90s anime Serial Experiments Lain ... topics covered include "digital life", the intersection of art and computers, themes, and , pseudo-religious technobabble, and whatever else people feel like sharing, all presented in a lain-inspired aesthetique format."

(hash chars added by me, no relation to @lain :blobthinking: )

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I couldn't participate on today's , because it happens to be my country's Independence Day. πŸ‡²πŸ‡½ :blobcheer:

Still, I hope you guys had fun today! :blobthumbsup:

Til' the next time! :blobwave:

Instagram has business accounts with additional features.

We are considering a different approach, Page Accounts.

Pages will support Multiple Users and ship with a Dashboard, Post Scheduling, Page Stats, Relationship Manager and more!

This will be rolling out to instances soon as an opt-in @PixelfedLabs experiment.

#pixelfed #pixelfedLabs

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Dark Patterns are tricks used in websites and apps that make you do things that you didn't mean to, like buying or signing up for something. The purpose of this site is to spread awareness and to shame companies that use them.

#Wissen #Medienkompetenz #Infonauten

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Don't design your interviewing process like that. You don't need hiring consensus from everybody working at the company. There aren't all too many things that are really important to know about a candidate. Understand what those are and ask the right questions.

Upcoming Firefox 71 – Mozilla plans to introduce new Certificates Viewer:

– The new viewer is based on/similar to the WebExtension
– Contrary to the addon, there is no information about the handshake at the moment.
– The release of FF 71 is scheduled for Dec 12, 2019.

(The Screenshot shows the addon.)

#firefox #firefox71 #certificate #infosec #security #cybersecurity

Reading Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality.

Chapter 19 begins a sudden turn from dark comedy into something incredibly epic. 🀯

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If you really, really want to get a science hard-on, read an episode of "Harry Potter and the Mehtods of Rationality" ( and THEN watch an episode of Dr. Stone.

1,000,000% science! :blobcheer:

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