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My fav. topic is AIs and androids. I'm writing a novel about androids - well, more WITH than ABOUT.

I had this idea: What if Asimov's robots, but with directives - like in Robocop - instead? What if they have emotions, but are tied to their directives? What if unlike Blade Runner, the androids got manufactured in a given paint so they couldn't disguise as humans? And what if instead of Free Will, they had a limited will? What if they could fall in love?

That's my world.

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Just realized I didn't write my yet! Does it count as ? 😜

Gen-Xer born in ; since kid I was a and liked and , so it was logical I'd eventually discover the genre (, , , , , ...)

Aside from that I've done and ; have gnu/#Linux on my PC and recently I discovered .

Currently a scifi novel about and .

Instead of trying to deconstruct genres, just make a good movie

This paper on a malloc() replacement that DOES COMPACTION even on C/C++ is making the rounds:

Scarily beautiful.

This ad at the end of an italian cyberpunk anthology is fantastic!
The BBS is open from 16:00 to 8:00, at 300 to 14400 bauds!
"The best of InterNet!" :)

ActivityPub: Hi I'm literally being born because the former primary author of OStatus regretted not having private messages, let's make private messages the default addressing mechanism and public messages a special exception

*Years later, AP is a standard and widely adopted*

Popular meme: "Yeah well ActivityPub is nice and everything but it's too bad its only for public messages"

Me: ;_;

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I created an Open Source Hardware (OSHW) custom emoji if anyone is interested. :openhardware:

Are you interested in how to bring secure, private, peer-to-peer distributable content to the fediverse that can survive nodes going down? I've finished writing the documentation for the #Spritely Golem demo which explains how to do just that:

It also includes a running, workable demo which you can try yourself. Please do and let me know your thoughts!

Interesting thought:

Hackers, as we know them, operate on the lower layers of the OSI model: Application, transport, etc.: FTP, HTTP, TELNET, ...

But the agent provocateurs, those we know as "trolls" and "shills", as well as data-collecting companies like facebook, operate on a layer that has not been defined yet.

Perhaps it'd be convenient to explicitly name this layer: The social layer. The one that connects the users.

I wonder: Are there more layers that haven't been defined yet? πŸ€”

#WeAreNameless, 'they say' being copied is the highest form of compliment (or something like that, whatevs).

@cat is thinking about copying the WAN format for some kind of retro Saturday morning cartoon thing and I have to say that I find it a great idea. Hope cat does it! :blobwitch:

Meanwhile, this month I'll have a co-host for WarGames on Saturday, 23 of Feb. at 9.30pm UTC. He'll be doing some commentary.

I'm excited about this. I feel like this lil' project is building up to be something else I never dreamt of when I started it. :_catsleep:

We have an #; and, thanks to @_cr0_tab, an emojo: :WeAreNameless: and two designs for future T-shirts, Hoodies, etc. (keep your eyes peeled, IT WILL BE A THING!); people taking some images and remixing them into short glitched clips; Fediversians using the hashtag outside the movie sessions, wether to talk about it or things that we could add to it, or even just related and/or cyberpunk stuff (looking at you, @rick_777 and @drwho)! :ablobsmile:

It's overwhelmingly fun and awesomesauce and...

THANK YOU for being here with me - with us! :blobheart:


It's finally happening! We might get photos of a black hole soon!

(Also, tons of cool photos and videos in this article)

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Some Asshole: humans are just naturally inclined to selfish behavior because of evolution

Humans: *form social bonds with strangers*
Humans: *form social bonds with animals*
Humans: *form social bonds with plants*
Humans: *form social bonds with robots*

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