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My fav. topic is AIs and androids. I'm writing a novel about androids - well, more WITH than ABOUT.

I had this idea: What if Asimov's robots, but with directives - like in Robocop - instead? What if they have emotions, but are tied to their directives? What if unlike Blade Runner, the androids got manufactured in a given paint so they couldn't disguise as humans? And what if instead of Free Will, they had a limited will? What if they could fall in love?

That's my world.

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Just realized I didn't write my yet! Does it count as ? 😜

Gen-Xer born in ; since kid I was a and liked and , so it was logical I'd eventually discover the genre (, , , , , ...)

Aside from that I've done and ; have gnu/#Linux on my PC and recently I discovered .

Currently a scifi novel about and .

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see Mastodon's code is estimated at over $700.000 dollars worth, and i think that's not far off

Sometimes I think about the pre-80s Pre-GNU hacker culture described by Stallman and others. Where software freedom was both the norm and undefined; and all the froody people getting in on the ground floor doing exciting things which lay the foundation for the present.

It's tempting to think of it as a golden age, that one ought to have lived then and not now.

However it's a golden age restricted to a small handful of people in a handful of prominent universities.

I'm looking for work. I'll likely be able to relocate (within the US) within the next few months, but I am a trans woman and prefer (and have long experience with) remote work.

Selected skills:

* HTML/JS/CSS, incl. multiple frameworks and supersets
* Python and PHP (including WordPress)
* Data analysis with Stata or R
* System administration (including both LAMP and other Linux- or Windows-based stacks)

You can view a more full resume here:


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With the imminent release of federation for @pixelfed , a reminder that there are many photo sites on the way for the #Fediverse:




As they will federate together, it means many platforms can co-exist without worrying about splintering the userbase.

When a decentralised site grows, it makes the others stronger too, because they all benefit from the same network effect.

Centralised sites just weaken each other until one monopoly site dominates.


screw flying cars, what happened to /this/ vision of the future


Delete and redraft doesn't retype the full usernames. As a result, the wrong recipient is addressed in the second draft.

Trans and #nonbinary genders are recognised as being real and valid by the NHS and by the UK government.

There’s not two sides to this issue. When there’s a BBC documentary about travel you don’t get flat-earthers on, do you?

Stop inviting anti-trans activists on TV/radio.

Ok, it's time shape Funkwhale's future, in terms of moderation and anti-abuse tools!

We can and will reuse tools from existing projects, but there are also things we'll have to work out ourselves.

If you want to be a part of that, the whole discussion will take place here:
(you can answer this post as well but please read the issue before!)

Take the time you need to read / contribute. the issue will remain for at least a few weeks before any implementation happens.

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