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My fav. topic is AIs and androids. I'm writing a novel about androids - well, more WITH than ABOUT.

I had this idea: What if Asimov's robots, but with directives - like in Robocop - instead? What if they have emotions, but are tied to their directives? What if unlike Blade Runner, the androids got manufactured in a given paint so they couldn't disguise as humans? And what if instead of Free Will, they had a limited will? What if they could fall in love?

That's my world.

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Just realized I didn't write my yet! Does it count as ? 😜

Gen-Xer born in ; since kid I was a and liked and , so it was logical I'd eventually discover the genre (, , , , , ...)

Aside from that I've done and ; have gnu/#Linux on my PC and recently I discovered .

Currently a scifi novel about and .

We dunk on mastodon a lot but it's introducing tech normies like me to the idea of decentralisation which is a good thing imo

the reason you need to CW your nudes and porn isn't because someone might be at work. it's because someone might not want to see nudes or porn.

this message has been brought to you by the association of people in favor of content warnings that actually say what the content is.

Math can’t be patented. Using math in software, in a particular industry, shouldn’t be patentable either. Unfortunately, @uspto had a different opinion. Meet our Stupid Patent of the Month:

Me: Alright, after this dinner I'm gonna get on the computer and do pending stuff! :blobthumbsup:

Indigestion: LOL take this 🥊 :blobcheeky:
Me: :blobugh:

I like copyright. It feeds and houses me. It doesn't need to feed and house my great grandchildren, though.

Is burning money dumpster technology the new internet?

The burning money dumpster is an undeniably ingenious invention- the brainchild of a person or group of people known by the pseudonym, Satoshi Nakamoto. But since then, it has evolved into something greater, and the main question every single person is asking is: What is burning money dumpster?

By allowing digital information to be distributed but not copied, burning money dumpster technology created the backbone of a new type of internet.

Anyone else find themselves using mastodon's favorite feature as a, "I want to reassure you that you're not just yelling aimlessly into the void, ' button?

I'm unofficially calling it the, 'I hear you' button from now on.

I know this won’t make a difference. But, I’m afraid of rats. I’m seriously scared of them. I know it’s not rational. I know you love them and they’re awesome. But, they freak me out. I’m shaking typing this. I’ve tried every filter I can think of. I don’t want to block you, but I might have to. This wasn’t an issue until the tumblr migration. Can you CW your rats? Otherwise, this is it for us.

"We found him! We finally found him!

The Installation Wizard!"

Yeah, I use anti-aliasing. Sometimes you just need something to take the edge off.

fucking lmao this is the best hacker thriller ever


> no man of woman born

tired: macduff's mom had a c-section
wired: one or more of macduff's dads are trans

*record scratch*

Yep. That's me. You're probably wondering how I got into this mess.

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