Scrolling the timeline, watching familiar names go by, muttering sinisterly under my breath "we know your reddit account"

I literally cannot tell the difference between the fediverse and early-to-mid 2010s tumblr in terms of demographics and personality

the only "foss" I care about is PHOSPHORUS keep your bones and teeth strong

I literally still have thousands of games to go through from I am so fucked

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why do I not simply finish my projects now and THEN catch up with the video games I want to catch up on, instead of eternally finding a way to have a new game to catch up on and swearing I will finish my projects after I catch up


God, I think it's time to finally admit that my stomach just can't handle spicy food. I absolutely fucking love it, I have no problem with EATING it, my mouth barely registers the heat from dishes that cause everyone around me to catch fire, but every time I eat a ton of spicy food I am floorbound for at least half a day with some of the worst cramps ever

this is a massive problem because most of the only food I like is spicy, lol

when dealing with tone police one must always remember: ACAB

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honestly I really need to stop completely changing how I write online just because I'm afraid someone is going to yell at me

I really, really hope plesioth comes back in monster hunter rise. new people need to understand


going to eat a bunch of ice cream directly out of the container at 2AM, which is normal, everyone does this

don't mind me, just went through my old posts and found the only funny jokes I ever made

when will ryan gosling finally mature into ryan goose

Anyone have any fav PS3 games that never made it off the system and/or completely flew under mainstream radar? I need to know what I'm missing from my collection

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