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Hey, folks. I'll start with an :

I'm a , , and who keeps himself busy with far too many projects at once.

Some things I like include: , , horror , , , , , and .

I'll listen to most genres of music, but especially go for heavier stuff. My favorite authors are Stephen King, Christopher Buehlman, and Junji Ito.

My username is pronounced rit-uh-core. You can just call me rhit.

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tfw you make a joke at work about a rounding error being "close enough" and the coworker says "yeah just like how .9 repeated is 1, right lolol" and now you have to stop and explain that this is in fact the case

Ran into this track while looking through one of my playlists. The vocals and riff that kick in around 0:20 are just too tasty. Super rhythmic and heavy.


Day 9 of . Got to play with mutable arrays in (previous implementation was immutable). Didn't love slapping IO everywhere, but can't complain about the huge speed increase (run time went from >18 seconds to <0.1 seconds). Wow.

There are a lot of cool writing apps out there, but most of them have an unfortunate WYSIWYG editor. Give me a plain text editor with a Markdown preview any day.

Bonus points to web apps that work well with GhostText so I can write directly in Vim.

A cover of a cover of a song from Frozen II, and it's actually really good.

Stuck on Day 7. Solved problem 1, but I'm getting all sorts of errors on the second. Probably due to my lack of understanding of 's System.Process module.

Taking a break for the night. This is what I have so far:

The spider in my bathroom went missing. Time to start looking for a new apartment.

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I cannot get enough of Archspire. Easily one of my favorite tech-death bands right now. Incidentally, their vocalist delivers lines so fast I can barely read along. 🤘

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Finally got around to watching Big Mouth season 3. This show has gotten weirder, and it was weird to begin with.

I wanted to get a lot of writing done tonight. Maybe if I squint hard enough, "watched a lot of Big Mouth" will look like "wrote a lot of words."

... nope. It doesn't.

Sure, I *could* look at reddit to kill time between Dead by Daylight matches, or I could read through other people's configuration files on GitHub.

Guess I'm doing . Didn't plan to. Kind of just stumbled into it and completed Day 1.

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