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we don't need no
egg for breakfast
we don't need no
white and yolk

(we're out, i'm coping)

Liebe Eltern, das kleine Remmy möchte im Småland abgegeben werden

Mostly using my VPN now to stop Google and others from exclusively giving me world news from a german perspective, I'm so tired of this.

A ransom sum
A ransom sum
Just pay the criminals the hefty ransom sum

death, pandemic, work 

I really like this shirt and the quote (from a book by V.E.Schwab), but it's the absolute worst shirt to wear during a pandemic /o\

Also, during online meetings you can usually only see the "I'd rather die" line, which is… a mood

I just remembered that I started a laundry. One week ago 😬


Starting the day with an earworm

🎶 E's are good, E's are good - These effin E's are good

Shoutouts to that adrenalin spike when macOS crashes during an update

(By now it seems to have survived)

"Oh there's a weird spot in Chooch's fur here"

"Maybe it's hard to clean, you probably also have spots like that. When did you last purposefully wash your elbows?"

"Uhm, 20 minutes ago"

(It's not a lie and such a weird coincidence 😂)

Got myself something nice for my name day 😍 (3 years since I got my legal name change)

Me, earlier:

"Isn't it so fucking weird how all the human facial features are cramped into the lower half of their head?" - giggling uncontrollably while showing a photo of a random human to my partner

Had a nice haircut reset today, which soothed the depression a little.

"I found a monkey's paw! it still has a monkey attached to it though"

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