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I might have a new favourite drink

Since I wrote a little CLI hangman game in rust, I'm now trying my best at some sucky ASCII(+ß) art


Asked to make me bread rolls and this is what ey brought me 😁

I'm watching the recording of the olympic skateboarding and one of the highlights so far was seeing having pronouns on their board and a button πŸ’š

Step 4: Checking an image on twitter

1. Open tweet in detail view
2. Turn VoiceOver on with Siri or Shortcut
3. Tap once on the image
4. It will either say "Image" (no description) or read the description
5. Turn VoiceOver off (In the Shortcut popup, double-tap on VoiceOver)

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Step 3: Optional - Show captions

You can also choose to show the text spoken by VoiceOver on the bottom of the screen.

Useful if you want to turn the volume off, or when it doesn't detect the correct language for the content

Settings - Accessibility - VoiceOver - Caption Panel

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You can turn the Accessibility Shortcut on under Settings - Accessibility - Accessibility Shortcut.

In the list, check "VoiceOver"

If you don't want VoiceOver to immediately activate on accidental triple clicks, select another thing, then there will always be a popup (see img)

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Chooch would like their food now!!! but also, to get appreciated on the internet for their beauty.


very innovative pyjama, i like it

Love the sweater so much! Thanks for creating the world of watford, Rainbow Rowell <3

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It's one of those nights were we had to hunt some ghosts, and I'm exhausted and sad, but glad we did it. And at least I'm wearing my new Watford sweater and look cute.

"Meet Cute Diary" by Emery Lee

A bratty trans teen writing meet cute stories for his tumblr while looking for his own meet cute and perfect relationship. Also has a nonbinary character πŸ–€πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ€
I really loved how the story developed over time.

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"Kate in Waiting" by Becky Albertalli (author of Love, Simon and lots of other awesome books)

Adorable theater dorks and best friends preparing for a play dealing with shared crushes and what happens when there's suddenly more than a crush. Loved it!

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"The Sky Blues" by Robbie Couch

A chaotic gay teen looking for a prom date, while dealing with hate, loss, and finding a chosen family.

The end made me weep a lot, in the best way.

A scene I really didn't like kinda glorified stalking behaviour, and isn't properly dealt with.

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"These Witches Don't Burn" and "This Coven Won't Break" by Isabel Sterling

Lesbian witches in Salem! Witch covens & society, weird rituals, elemental magic, blood magic, potions and witch hunters! Right up my alley, I loved these.

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"Concrete Rose", the prequel to "The Hate U Give" by Angie Thomas.

Black youth growing up in the hood, living in and protesting the racist world we created. The prequel deals a lot with young parenthood and responsibilities. Go read Black people's recs & reviews for them.

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