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Just realised I confused Armie Hammer with Marvi Hämmer

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This top comment on a video about how fat people aren't accommodated by most roller coasters makes me wanna screeam.

Finally those theme parks are showing 'em ""large"" people! Because nobody made them realize that they're fat before!! /s

back on my bullshit

(once again got myself a second audible membership in a different market, to compare multiple narrations of the same book.)

It's so laughable how people cry about cancel culture, but Apple feels comfortable with advertising a movie to be "made by the visionary" John Lasseter. The guy who got fired from Pixar thanks to his actions, via

They didn't dare to write the name though, too recent.

I'm zero percent joking btw, I ordered some (10 for 30 bucks) and just filled one up and put it in a pillow case. It's bliss.

My head tends to overheat on stuffed pillows. I love water pillows. But they're expensive, break quickly and always have extra stuffing for warmth 😤

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omg, i finally found the perfect pillow. turns out preppers knew best all along.

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I really like this shirt and the quote (from a book by V.E.Schwab), but it's the absolute worst shirt to wear during a pandemic /o\

Also, during online meetings you can usually only see the "I'd rather die" line, which is… a mood

Got myself something nice for my name day 😍 (3 years since I got my legal name change)

Tried knitting with a single sewing thread just to see if it's possible. My gauge is quite loose and uneven, I think I need smaller needles 😛

(I tried sewing needles, but the ones I had were just too short for me to be able to hold them properly)

made the mistake to start my last message to a friend with "... ", so now every time i see our chat in the overview I think "oh, oh, that must mean they're typing!"

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