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This top comment on a video about how fat people aren't accommodated by most roller coasters makes me wanna screeam.

Finally those theme parks are showing 'em ""large"" people! Because nobody made them realize that they're fat before!! /s

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It's so fucking vile and the replies are also full of people who find this topic to be sooo sad because a person recently died who was too fat for a free fall tower's limits, but was still allowed to take part - with an insecure strap.

fathatred, concern trolling, death 

And the takeaway is never "It's a fucking disgrace that this company is neither accommodating fat people by building better rides, nor following basic protocols to keep everyone safe"

It's always "They died of being fat, what a tragedy!"


Anyway, if you haven't done so yet please please read "What We Don't Talk About When We Talk About Fat" by Aubrey Gordon

and/or listen to hers and Micheal Hobbe's amazing podcast "Maintenance Phase"

fathatred, doctors, weight loss 

@remmy “One of the few times”. Yup, sure.

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