back on my bullshit

(once again got myself a second audible membership in a different market, to compare multiple narrations of the same book.)

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I'm usually alright with US Audible, to get around most geoblocks.
However the US only has the Rachel Dulude renditions of the Wayfarers series, which only covers 3 of 4 books, and the internet says that the Patricia Rodriguez rendition as sold in e.g. german Audible is better.

I'm fine with most narrators, and the Rachel Dulude version has been working well for me, but I thought I might as well try the other one rather sooner than later, as I'd have to switch for book 4 anyway.

Okay, I tried the Patricia Rodriguez version for a little, and maybe I'm biased by already being used to the Rachel Dulude version, but I personally find it much more enjoyable to listen to that one. So I'll guess I'll continue with the books in the US Audible for now.

@remmy Haha, die eine Person liest wesentlich schneller? ^^

@schokopflaster eh, 40 min auf ~15h ist kein signifikanter Unterschied würde ich sagen, das leppert sich ja schnell. Ist vor allem einfach eine andere Version und ein paar Menschen sagen dass diese besser sei bzw die Erzählerin die Bücher besser zum leben bringe.

@schokopflaster Oh warte, 1h20 Unterschied, hab mich verguckt. Joar, das sollte hörbar langsamer in der längeren Version sein, es sei denn es gab irgendwelchen bonus content

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