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it's probably the only german show i'm excited about lol

omg the german SKAM adaption (DRUCK) is now starting its 5th season (Skam stopped after 4) and it _might_ involve much more queerness!! 💕

Don't you just love it when you register somewhere and they email you your chosen password afterwards.

Really fed up again with "he… uh… or she"

. @Zianor introduced me to the concept of "Lifey health choices" <3

"I'm neutral in respect to unicorns"
– someone who is against unicorns.

1) I love an interesting life, which did not work well with my habit of optimizing all problems away before they occur. So now i always shout "Do it for the plot!" in my head, to get myself to do reckless things out of my comfort zone.

2) I enjoy brands a lot sometimes, but hate capitalism. I wish the two weren't connected.

3) I'm 22, but feel like my age has done a poor job at properly keeping up with my life.

I would 💚 to read 3 facts by @toni @schokopflaster @kirby and @varjmes, if they want.

one big thing to consider is how to secure the data properly of course. ideally it's just not on a server.

everything from "what did i generally do each month? or quarter?", to keeping track of info about health issues, likes, dislikes, habits, etc.

(so: differently organized than a diary)

Is anyone here using some kind of private wiki to keep track of their life?

Thinking about doing that because my memory has proven to be not very good at that task, and the search function is super messed up.

*heads sticking together*

We may be 2nd class, but we are 1 gang!

Apparently Android Q/10 is out – I updated to Pie a few days ago because ZTE finally managed to fix that phones with pie were randomly restarting up to 5 times per day 🙃

(this has been the case since pie was released for the axon 9 pro in february)

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*opens door by pulling*
*quickly puts stuff into the room behind*
*turns around and tries to pull the door open again to get out*

"Ahhh the door won't open i'm trapped"

I mean, I have been up that early before, but only if i slept for like 3-4 hours.

Currently my sleep is pretty stable with 7-8 hours each night ✨ for the first time in my life since early childhood 🤷🏻‍♀️

( thanks to meds and other things :)

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