After figuring out that I'm indeed not an umbrella person (because I'm losing them), i had to re-evaluate my strategy, because the month will be rainy as hell and so far i… got wet.

So I gave raincoats another chance and found a super pretty one, I'm happy :3

trans, misgendering 

Gosh it's bothering me so much that i wrote "you'll" not "you'd"

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suicidal ideation (ish?) 


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Also, apparently it's a Hamilton Day!!

What's your name, man?! 🎧🎶

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Going to work an hour earlier than usual just because one was awake and other exciting adventures

i just sneezed four times in a row for the first time in my life, today has to be special.

just got informed that the official term is corp goth.

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wonder if it helps the flat-hunting that my most formal look is business goth


out of confusion i said a weird thing 6 hours ago, and they probably didn't even notice but I'm still thinking about itttt /o\


Really loving that I'm not able to sleep (sittingly) in trains right about now

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