Have you heard about this , called bread? Amazing, right?

Good morning fellow humans, human fellows!
I sure do like hanging out with other humans! And talking about things like money… or starting wars!

It seems Prime video has the latest doctor who nye special, but not in season 0, season 0, season 0 or season 107, but in the new season 108.

that is the actual Prime Video list of seasons for the dr who specials, at least in germany. seasons 0, 0, and 0 have different contents.

Played "The Way Remastered" on the Switch today from start to end(s).

It's beautiful. A few spots were a bit frustrating, but overall it played really well. The story was amazing <3

Hadn't heard of the game until now :o You can currently get it for 99cts instead of 15€!

drastic measurement: muting "aaravos" until then 😞

I have to wait a few more days until i can watch the dragon prince season 2 with partner and it's taking all my strength 😵

help, i'm watching pharmacology lectures on youtube again

Seriously, whenever someone tries to verbally give me directions i'm concentrating a 100% on _not_ listening, because it just doesn't work for me and confuses me so much more than just looking on my phone.

I'm sometimes so confused by people making such a big deal about giving very verbose directions.

We have software for that that is a lot more accessible, please just give me some coordinates or something 😞

squash one squash two squash three
on and on and on

Instead of aching, bodies should just make doctor's appointments for you

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