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Not passing as the gender i have comes with always taking compliments with a grain of salt.

"I like that hairstyle a lot better than yesterday's"

You mean, because it looks a lot more masculine and fits to the wrong image you have of me? Switching back to the old one then.

Today in capitalism weirdness:

Calling service hotlines because the companies didn't take my money as promised and i don't know what's happening and if it's bad.

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"Remmy, should i put the sunscreen into my rucksack for you?"

"Oh, yes, thank you! But i might need it again soon, if we turn into another direction"

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I wish i could time-travel and talk to younger versions of me, just to profoundly call them out on all their bullshit.

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Buffon's Needles are a surprising method for estimating Pi: You drop "needles" randomly on a line grid (where the distance of the lines equals the length of the needles). Then 2*(number of needles)/(number of needles which intersect the lines) ≈ π mste.illinois.edu/activity/buf

"You know, sometimes you manage to take a shower, and you still work badly"

Ooph, too real

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It's glorious, but i still have questions

Person in the same bus has a tote bag, that was written on with a sharpie:

Louis Vuitton?

Lord Voldemort!

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Gotta steal all the memes, only to add the missing image descriptions.

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@remmy oh heck, our personal favourite variant of this:

us, 2hrs later: "please have mercy, we have been sitting here in agony for the last 90 minutes"

person: "oh, oops, sorry, i got sidetracked and forgot to get back to you. anyway, <thing that they could have just said in the initial conversation>"
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