i wonder if i should put linux as a skill on my resume if i know enough to be able to install mint with help from knowledgeable randos on irc and also googling for stuff

if people were as incentivized to run folding@home as they are by fake internet funbux literally every disease would be cured already

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who the heck is larry davis and why am i morbidly curious after skimming recent toots

us politics (commentary) 

this anime series has more interpersonal drama than i expected

i just ran across a website that tried to play a midi file upon going to it (though this just resulted in it being downloaded onto my computer as a standalone file lol)

it also has a visitor counter on its front page, a tiled background (on a different page), a suggested site banner,...

y'know i do kinda miss the old days of the internet

unlike a new york chinese food fan, i also like cuban food

thinkin about how social media differs from real life in that in real life you can see the way strangers interact with your friends, when youre with them. and thats got good parts (privacy and expression n shit) but also bad parts (i don't see the harassment my friends get unless they mention it)

TIL: the three prominent Comet Blaster characters in the series Stratos 4 are named after mathematicians, and the four main characters (who are Meteor Sweepers) are named after aircraft designers.

revolutionizing chess by putting the players behind a wall so they can only see the shadows of the pieces

"These species are usually easy to tell apart if looking at a pure species, ..."
oh, nice!

"... but they readily hybridize and in many areas"


why you gotta be so complicated, plant biology
why can't some of you just, not have sex with those other plants

ah, "dibasic" refers to neutralizing two acid-forming hydrogen ions
this is more properly "calcium monohydrogen phosphate" but it's also "dicalcium phosphate" or "dibasic calcium phosphate"
the "dicalcium" seems to suggest two calcium ions per formula unit but it's actually just one, the "di" comes from "dibasic" because two of the H's have been pulled off of H3PO4 (aq) (i.e. phosphoric acid)

* names in places like ingredients and chemicals lists

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TIL: another way of indicating when an anion has one or more hydrogens stuck to it
"monobasic" and "dibasic" can be used to refer to how many sodiums (or presumably other alkali metals, or maybe other ions as well?) are stuck to something.
sodium phosphate = Na3PO4
sodium hydrogen phosphate = Na2HPO4 = disodium phosphate = sodium phosphate dibasic
sodium dihydrogen phosphate = NaH2PO4 = monosodium phosphate = monobasic sodium phosphate

These don't seem to be standardized names but they are nevertheless in use, explaining why some compounds have names in that aren't those that are learned in class.

oh gosh the actual video is actually weirder than the Wikipedia citation suggests


"During the COVID-19 pandemic, several Florida businesses have used the Skunk Ape's reported foul smell giving incentive to remain at a distance and evasive nature to promote social distancing.[9]"

source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skunk_ap
reference: Winningham, Cathleigh (19 May 2020). "Skunk Ape: Here's how Gatorland will enforce social distancing". WKMG. Click Orlando.

i went to Zoo Miami and i ended up taking photos of a bunch of plants and non-exhibit animals instead, heh

Crest of the Stars is a surprisingly great series

I'll admit I got interested in it because of the pretty space elf girl (whose personality I totally did not predict correctly) but I stayed for the story and the impressively beautiful soundtrack

also one of the tracks in the soundtrack reminds me of "Welcome to Ritzberry Field" (track 10 from Ritsuko Okazaki's LOVE&LIFE album, a short but very pleasant track)

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