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tetris discussion sounds completely nonsensical ooc wow

one of the worst design choices in discord is the vc user limit being a slider rather than number input

nsfw-adj, birdsite 

despise the fact that "bunnysuit" is trending on twitter. i'm fine with people talking about it but the fact it's gotten trending is a bit iffy imo. not everyone wants to see that shit on the side of their screen

this is awful to use and yes the copyright date is still 2021 in some spots on it

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tonight is one of the best nights for stargazing in a while EXCEPT it's at like 3AM

this'll either be really good or really bad tasting. either way this is not going to do my body any favours

i keep seeing this ad & im 99% sure that's just a fucking recolour of the cat from the one secret life of pets movie

being attacked and i don't have walls researched yet. this'll make do

thank you to whoever filled in the aphex twin logo on for me :]

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