holy shit, i've never seen a pi this highly priced

i could probably buy a low end laptop for that price if i really wanted

@thatonecalculator ive got this exact model kicking around but giving me the green light of death
ive tried some fixes but nothing's worked and i figured at this rate it'd just be easier to buy a new one than to continue attempting repair on my current one

guess i was wrong, since i refuse to pay $300 for a pi

@rebaia for the price of just over two of these you could get an entire Arm64 Mac mini and virtualize raspbian on that.

@rebaia Damn, didn't realize they were out of stock everywhere. Good thing I have about 9 years worth of various Pi's laying around to prevent me from participating in this scalper crunch

@rebaia Raspberry Pis are good, but Adafruit and Arduino fully have them beat in terms of quality and documentation, and if I am not mistaken, they are assembled in the USA and Europe, respectively. The major disadvantage is that they hesitate to enter into the 64-bit general purpose computer domain. It just depends on what you plan to do with it. Have you looked into BeagleBoard?

@goodkinghenry yeah, i have
ive got some arduinos anyway, though i was planning to use the pi less as a microcontroller and more of a small device to host basic networking stuff on
ty for the recommendation though!

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