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liveposting my listen to the new gizzard album

gaia's already super good. this reminds me of "the great chain of being" except somehow better

i love the ending of it, now time for ambergris

this sounds like something from B3K, i like it

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oh that transition to sadie sorceress was super nice

i have not heard king gizzard make anything like this. it's nice, but caught me super off guard

fadeout ending, not my favourite but it sounds alright

i feel like this *could* be a bit shorter, but i really like it still

nevermind, i immediately take this back. the second part sounds so different and i love it

having vocals that aren't stu feels different but welcome. cooks voice is really good, especially for garden goblin

that was a bit short, especially compared to everything else so far. i liked it though, but so far gaia and kepler-22b are my favourites still

blame it on the weather is pretty simple but i'm liking it a lot. i can't think of a single song on this album that i've actively disliked thus far

persistence doesn't feel like a gizzard song, but i still like it.
the lyrics feel like a bad country songs lyrics, though

half of this album feels like B3K and the other half feels like infest the rats nest, with some fishing for fishies sprinkled throughout

the grim reaper feels like a gorillaz song

the grim reaper and presumptuous have such a good transition, i didn't even notice it was a different song until the vocals kicked in

the instrumental part of presumptuous is REALLY good

predator x is already one of my favourites off of this. this feels like something directly out of infest the rats nest

ah that explains it. i'm 90% sure i just heard a riff from perihelion

red smoke feels a lot like a B3K song, as well as a bit of polygondwanaland weirdly enough

candles is really good, i like how calm it feels in comparison to some of the others

on the funeral now, gizzard has a habit of the last song being very good. i'm hoping this album follows that pattern

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