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hey fedi, my friends curious about the amount of trans people who have/haven't gone fishing, and i suppose a poll would be fun for that. spread it around if you wish, but don't feel obligated.
have a nice day/night, and thank you for voting if you did!

@rebaia I'm uhhhhhh

I don't know if I count as trans here???

it's way more complicated than just "trans or cis", I'm cis/gender/ but also nonbinary (genderwise) and trans/species/ so I'm kinda both at once

to say nothing of my transgender headmates!

We haven't gone fishing though. Like @monsterblue, we like the idea of quietly sitting by a pond, but don't want to hurt fish.

@rebaia Now if it were "queer or not", then I'd definitely land in queer.

Is "queer or not" really what you meant?

@IceWolf nah, moreso trans. though, it's up to your discretion as to whether or not you count. this isnt too much of a scientific thing lol dw

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