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hey fedi, my friends curious about the amount of trans people who have/haven't gone fishing, and i suppose a poll would be fun for that. spread it around if you wish, but don't feel obligated.
have a nice day/night, and thank you for voting if you did! i went fishing once for like 10 minutes max off of the edge of a higher ground out into the ocean. does that even really count lol

@132ikl very unsurprisingly it's currently standing at ~80% trans

@rebaia like, recently, or ever? I was taken for a couple of fishing trips when I was a very small child and didn't know anything about gender yet, but it's not a thing I've done as an adolescent/adult, or would ever do again.

@rebaia i'm trans and i want to go fishing...

but also i don't want to hurt fish

but also i like the atmosphere of sitting by a pond with a rod waiting for something

@rebaia love fishing. haven't been in years since you need a license here, but I love fishing.

@rebaia if your only fishing experiences are vague memories of having fished at some point as a child does that still count as having fished?

@rebaia Trans, went fishing once but didn't catch anything. Half glad because I'd feel bad for the fish, half sad because I wanted to know what it was like. At least the weather was nice. I'd like to go fishing though. Have a fishing rod in my basement, but have been unable so far to deal with bureaucracy.

@rebaia I'm not familiar with the expression "gone fishing" and couldn't find anything significant on a websearch, sorry (would be thankful for a short definition)... Unless it's actually related to fish :o

@Lyo oh, yeah it's just meant as the literal meaning of "gone out with a fishing pole and attempted to catch fish"

@rebaia trans, have gone fishing as a kid pre-realization

- Packbats 🎒

@rebaia is this "have been fishing ever in my life," "have been fishing since hatching," or "have chosen to go fishing as an adult," or something else?

if i went fishing when i was seven because my dad wanted to, does that count?

@rebaia Hm, neither trans nor cis, kind of. Also, never really caught fish myself, but accompanied others who went fishing. So... totally not fitting in here, I guess? 😳
(Don't take this too serious - I know a poll can only have 4 possible answers. 😉 )

@rebaia aaah. I want to respond, but I don't feel like I'm cis nor trans. 😅 😂

@rebaia I'm uhhhhhh

I don't know if I count as trans here???

it's way more complicated than just "trans or cis", I'm cis/gender/ but also nonbinary (genderwise) and trans/species/ so I'm kinda both at once

to say nothing of my transgender headmates!

We haven't gone fishing though. Like @monsterblue, we like the idea of quietly sitting by a pond, but don't want to hurt fish.

@rebaia Now if it were "queer or not", then I'd definitely land in queer.

Is "queer or not" really what you meant?

@IceWolf nah, moreso trans. though, it's up to your discretion as to whether or not you count. this isnt too much of a scientific thing lol dw


I've been smiling about this for days.

I know that the survey doesn't say anything strong about the representation of trans people in any particular group of fishermen on any particular pier on any particular day ..

.. but I can be entertained by the error that the diverse and weather-beaten bunch I see on the pier are even more diverse than they at first appear.

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