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may as well do this too

review time, you can say something about me or my acc here and it'll go to my bio
(this is not at all an excuse for me to clean up my bio)

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i have many names but you can call me laika.
i'm a photographer & programmer, and i'm also self-teaching myself astronomy. i listen to loads of music & like discussing games

i know it might be a bit of a reach but if anyone here has experience with television broadcasting (especially within hotels) please contact me over matrix or XMPP, i'll respond to any messages in roughly an hour but they'd be much appreciated

sad to see this instance go, even though i havent been super active for a while, it had a bunch of cool people on it. anyone have a similar instance to migrate to?

trust disabled people to know their body

New Online Media Terminology:

(then -> now)
articles -> content
music -> content
video -> content
podcast -> content
game -> content
artwork -> content
threads -> content

autistic trans girl needs grocery money, pls boost 

hey I'm sam, autistic and trans and living alone struggling to find work but I really need a bit of money so I can eat this week. I'm down to a few packets of ramen and 2 dollars so anything helps really!!!

cashapp: $digitalcreature

#mutualaid #mutualaidrequest #transcrowdfund

update: i discovered two things tonight
1: there are many moths where i live
2: moths very much like the flashlight on my telescopes battery

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probably gonna go out with my telescope again tonight, supposed to hit 20% cloud coverage at like 00:30

saying "it's linux, not gnu/linux" three times in front of a mirror to summon richard stallman

birdsite, transphobia mention 

i think one thing i despise about twitter is how obsessed everyone is with "dunking" on transphobes on there.
yes, they're not good people but at some point you have to realize that in the process of doing so, you're also exposing so many people to whatever they're saying, indirectly helping them and showing them to people who logged on not expecting to have their existence invalidated in someone's pursuit of "ratio + L + transphobe"

very excited for the parts for my popn controller to arrive
having my own arcade style buttons sounds so nice

tempted to try doing webdev again but HTML is the bane of my existence

tetris discussion sounds completely nonsensical ooc wow


my first dose of hrt got confirmed for the 29th

yes i could just play tetris effects classic mode but i would rather get as close to an original experience as possible and be able to use an NES controller (even if it's not an original one)
i'll probably either load a tetris WAD onto my wii and use the NES controllers ability to connect to a wiimote for that, or do something similar except loading up a tetris ROM on my desktop and making my computer recognize a wiimore + nes controller as input

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so, i was going to learn classic tetris using my NES mini but there's a slight problem. the single wall outlet on the wall with my desk has a 6 plug outlet plugged into it and my computer, two monitors, and keyboard power fill all of that physically. so it's either i find some other way, or everytime i play classic tetris i have to sacrifice some part of operating my computer in the meantime

so many microplastics in me, ive become a macroplastic
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