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steve minecraft is the unmoved mover, steve minecraft created himself

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one upping "hatsune miku created minecraft" with "steve minecraft created minecraft"

uspol, covid 

useless congressional democrats catching covid in order to win over the moderate republican vote

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pol, covid 

to prove he's just as capable as trump, joe biden must now also catch the coronavius

I am the master of the universe. I am the supreme ruler of the quadrants. I am the master of time. I am the master of space. I am the master of... well, time."

The words were spoken by none other than the man himself, Goofy.

fond srw memories: the god of death returns to life and gets freaked the fuck out by the evangelion

As of March 2012, you no longer have my respect. I will no longer allow my respect to be tainted by your disrespect. I will instead, strictly enforce the Fan Fiction Law.

thinking about that minecraft steve with distressingly real jeans i saw at the mopop


new avatar for spooky season! i just HAD to do a matching set with my main account av, so why not rep one of the best rock 'n' roll movies ever made?

i have substantiative thoughts about these movies, but i save those for discussions in my dms with my friends. lettrboxd just gets my shitpost reviews

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someone liked one of my letterboxd reviews. who did this. who let this happen

my anime list is going to be a lot shorter this year because every time i would normally watch anime i watch a film instead

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i'm gonna watch the shit out of bacurau...but first i want to watch midsommar because i feel like bacurau might be Too Good

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