new getter robo, gore 

2 episodes in, and it's kinda what i expected. grittier, bloodier getter robo where a guy slices another guy's ears off with his sharpened fingernails.

honestly im kinda intrigued, snoozing on all the "it's grittier!" business because i'm not here for this part of the retelling where it's "here's getter team origin...but more faithful to the original! and with blood." im here to see what they do with the getter emperor

a journey where im really here to just get to the destination

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new getter robo 

if i wanted gore and grit i would just put on baki, and at least i'd get rewarded with bizarre worldbuilding like "this man stuck his hand in a jar of poisonous dirt repeatedly for four days straight and now he has the DEATH HAND"

new getter robo 

opening my copilot viewscreen only to see that they have placed their butthole directly in front of their camera

new getter robo 

suddenly i think might like this show

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