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Important Rules For Fantasia of Mecha

1. There's no rule that the mechs can't kiss

2. There's no rule that you can't all just be playing gay furries with mechs

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wait it's season again?

sure i'll take another swing at it

hi i am rat, would be game dev attempting to make FANTASIA OF MECHA, a PbtA game about giant robots in all their various genres and sizes

i don't toot that much about video games for a game dev? most of my toots from this account are either about politics, giant robots or are making jokes about the pictorial key of tarot

(granted, i finished it last night, so now i need to find a new old book to make jokes about)

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i suppose i am, at least by technicality, a "tabletop rpg designer" so i should do this

moving day is today! detonating this account shortly. catch you all on @ratwithscarf

if a certain rat (me) wished to move off of and onto a different instance, where should she go? accepting any and all invitations, offers, and bribes

@hierarchon chess is a roguelike in one of the purest forms, in that it is a top-down turn-based game with simple graphics and rewards players for playing many games, slowly learning its rules and strategies

it's good, what the fuck, how'd they manage to sneak this into a gacha

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i can't do it if it has either. daily logins and stamina bars aren't my friend, because they actively spin wheels in my brain i don't want them to

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okay, here's the killer question: does genshin have daily login stuff or stamina bars?

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i can't do it. i can't go back. i left the gacha behind me a long time ago

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everyone being into genshin impact is pushing me into getting into genshin impact

the anime you refer to as gun sword is actually gun x sword, or as I've recently taken to calling it, gun times sword

breath of the...waifuld. hmm. nah. *scrunches up paper, throws it in the trash*

Drug use :weed: 

Frodo had been sitting on top of his mountain, smoking a joint and listening to some hip-hop.

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