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Important Rules For Fantasia of Mecha

1. There's no rule that the mechs can't kiss

2. There's no rule that you can't all just be playing gay furries with mechs

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wait it's season again?

sure i'll take another swing at it

hi i am rat, would be game dev attempting to make FANTASIA OF MECHA, a PbtA game about giant robots in all their various genres and sizes

i don't toot that much about video games for a game dev? most of my toots from this account are either about politics, giant robots or are making jokes about the pictorial key of tarot

(granted, i finished it last night, so now i need to find a new old book to make jokes about)

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i suppose i am, at least by technicality, a "tabletop rpg designer" so i should do this

this week on fantasia of mecha: pilot playbooks! here's a nice little selection of some of the types of pilots you can be

let's go a little bit into character making

every character has two different playbooks they use-one for their pilot, and one for their machine. any machine can be paired with any pilot.

so sure, you can be another char clone and be an Ace with a Custom-built machine, or recreate eva and put a Rookie in a Divine, or you can change things up and say "actually, the Ace has the god machine this time around" or "you know what? let's put the hot-blooded Warrior in the scrappy Runt"

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anyways placing bets if meatpunks forces me to tick that first number up to four

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giant robot shows that have tried to destroy a sun: 3

giant robot shows that have tried to destroy jupiter: 4.5

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can't believe i've watched two pieces of giant robot media about trying to destroy an artificial sun

now i almost wanna watch it less cause it stars a girl and i can feel the Icky Tomino Gender Bullshit creeping up from the horrible bog in which it sleeps

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somehow i think this show is gonna have a less than happy ending if "kill em all tomino" is involved

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how many people die in this show. who gets depression in this show. tell me, tomino

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me: hmm, this 70’s anime called “star of the seine” looks charming! who directed this?


eheheh...1024 characters. this is too much power for this account. fortunately i do all my "have fun with the upper text limit" posting on efdn., so you all are spared

for now

if unicycles are so great how come theres no bicy... shit. if bicycles are so great why is there no tricyc... fuck

all rpgs made in the late 10's-early 20's are/will be fuckin littered with friends at the table jokes, and the rpg archaelogists of the future are gonna hate us for it

yes this does include fantasia of mecha, i am, in fact, just as guilty of this

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in my restless dreams i see that place 

things i love about yuuko

1. very tall, pretty lesbian who’s a powerful witch that spends most of her time lounging around in fancy clothes and doing nothing

2. huge dork

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it turns out my local library has all of xxxholic in omnibus form, so i've slowly been working my way through it and it's pretty good

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