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Important Rules For Fantasia of Mecha

1. There's no rule that the mechs can't kiss

2. There's no rule that you can't all just be playing gay furries with mechs

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wait it's season again?

sure i'll take another swing at it

hi i am rat, would be game dev attempting to make FANTASIA OF MECHA, a PbtA game about giant robots in all their various genres and sizes

i don't toot that much about video games for a game dev? most of my toots from this account are either about politics, giant robots or are making jokes about the pictorial key of tarot

(granted, i finished it last night, so now i need to find a new old book to make jokes about)

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i suppose i am, at least by technicality, a "tabletop rpg designer" so i should do this

lb: doing my part to help spread efdn's advertising

the vore instance, efdn is a good way of doing this on my rewrite!

read the beam saber instructions, got to the 'direct superiors' list, then went 'oh goddamnit' when i realized what the joke was

when a cat comes up to you and rubs up against your leg, boost if you agree

I'm gay and tired pleas smash that MF boost button if you are also gay and tired

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How appropriate of Tomino to accidentally make the villainous traitor a space TERF

to make it even worse: i did it with gundam: the war for earth

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