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Important Rules For Fantasia of Mecha

1. There's no rule that the mechs can't kiss

2. There's no rule that you can't all just be playing gay furries with mechs

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wait it's season again?

sure i'll take another swing at it

hi i am rat, would be game dev attempting to make FANTASIA OF MECHA, a PbtA game about giant robots in all their various genres and sizes

i don't toot that much about video games for a game dev? most of my toots from this account are either about politics, giant robots or are making jokes about the pictorial key of tarot

(granted, i finished it last night, so now i need to find a new old book to make jokes about)

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i suppose i am, at least by technicality, a "tabletop rpg designer" so i should do this

sonic x is the world's greatest comedy of errors

tired: fiddling with your tv antenna

wired: fiddling with your monitor connection cable

rat's big long srw t thread Show more

just kidding, turns out i lied and thought of a few different contenders while i tried to brush my teeth

...but i am going to sleep, so i can’t say what they are till the morning

anyways, my contender is gundam unicorn, good night

but then again, i guess it's not like we haven't been here before? everything made between gundam and eva was trapped in gundam's shadow, and we still got good shit.

part of the problem is something that has a name probably but i call "the air supply problem"

which is, to say, we live in a time, and only after we have lived in a time and sorted through the gigantic pile of everything that was made can we discern classics

convo on my timeline about how mecha has yet to escape from eva's shadow and even i, the mecha expert, have to admit i have maybe one contender for an escapee

i'm back from captain marvel, and it was good

but boy is it making me wrestle with my urge to be mean, make an ass of myself, and write a big long thread

thinking about the blue chaos emerald in sonic 06 that's trapped in a causal paradox

consider this the warning bell that i've started reading homestuck again

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also it sounds like they're kinda alleviating my problem's with harlock by making him fight the federation which, well, fair, this is a uc gundam timeline

just reading through someone's sorta livetweets about srw t and holy shit i love it already

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