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TIL police officers can legally tase children as young as 7

police violence against children 

Also one of the accomplices was stealing clothes for her baby brother, which she likely wouldnt do if her family could afford them.

Cops are trying to brush off the racist comment because the officer is black, as if black cops can't be indoctrinated into hating their own people.

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police violence against children 

the officer who did this a month ago has also been written up in the past for homophobic slurs directed towards a domestic abuse victim, and unnecessary abuse of a prisoner

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all trans/non-binary people deserve a free high definition flat screen and ten thousand dollars cash

boost if you agree

police violence against children 

cop tased 11 year old girl for stealing food in a poor area, police officer tells her "this is why there's no grocery stores in the black community"

the only amount of time i have to give to SWERFs is long enough to trip them into the mud

home beepo is where i buy bags of robosquirrel feed for the maplebots

Imagine hating black people so much that if one doesn't salute your stupid flag you go berserk and light your shoes on fire.

tfw its 2am and you thought it was 12 something still

that awkward moment when you accidentally catch someone ranting about a friend of yours and you're just like

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