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it's funny that I'm over here shaving yaks while people are actually active?

"blocking someone means you're just afraid of what they are saying"

Just cause I put garbage in the dumpster doesn't mean I'm scared of garbage it means its rank and I don't want it in my house.

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people complain about it on voyager but riker's dick has violated the prime directive way more times than janeway

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Any internet friends have recommendations on how to deal with the aftermath of a burglary?

My brain is still quite mush so external input would be helpful.

Shaved down my undercut to a 2 and my god I feel so much better now

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*hall and oates voice*
OwO here she comes
watch out boys she'll chew you up

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Do Fucking Backups
410,757,864,530 DEAD INSTANCES

seriously do your backups. things get broken and deleted very easily. and store them on a different server. at home or on s3 or backblaze or even google drive. many good software: duplicity, borg, ... daily is reasonable but even monthly is better than none. and check them once in a while. if you operate something just have backups. it's important.

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The Good Life, a new game from SWERY, the director of Deadly Premonition and D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die, now has a playable prototype. Download here:

If you like the idea of a game where you and an entire rural English village turn into cats and dogs then back the Kickstarter!

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"Remember, even if you're shitty you can do great things.

It's called a garbage CAN not a garbage CAN'T."

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I don't really expect any bites but I'm gonna be opening up emergency commissions tonight or tomorrow because my mom had to loan me $200 for my car (she was recently laid off)

If I has 3000 I'd go buy a newer Corolla than 2001

They wanted a whole nother 3000 to fix the struts and such. That's 3x what I paid for the fucking car.

About $200 to replace this goddamn thing

I'll be posting some prices for discount commissions later for both people's and animals/pets

Dye my hair orange so I look like recoome y/n lmao

About to go get my car and see how deep in the hole I am. Anyone interested in commissions? Lmao

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the internet on this here masto space: * you are a beautiful person

I have been blessed by the snoot boop