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this little gay

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i have a ko-fi if y'all found me from that tumblr post maybe consider

my mom got laid off and money is tight, currently trying to find work. i also got a page

Don't post screenshots of bad posts to clown on them

not only is it incredibly passe and just offering shitheads a platform it's actually against code of conduct on a few masto instances

Also remember, CWs are not a form of censorship. Merely a way of making the community usable and comfortable for all of us :) Please use them and please check your instance for any mandatory CW usage.

Some suggested and commonly used CWs:

Mental health (often mh, mh-, mh neg)
Any type of mention of bigotry (racism, transphobic)
Politics (helpful also to put origin, i.e. US pol)
Suicidal ideation
Food (CWing food is nice for ppl with eating disorders)
Eye contact and selfies (some people have problems with eye contact, even photos)
Long posts

Feel free to respond with more that are good so new people can get some ideas

Friendly reminder: this isn't Twitter.

If you're mad about something? Use a content warning.

If you want to write a long post? Use a content warning.

Don't share screenshots of toots that make you mad, and don't follow people that make you mad.

You've left the swirling fire vortex of rage birdsite created to keep investors and advertisers happy. Live free! Live well 👍

Sometimes I think about going to therapy for my social media rage but I know they are gonna tell me to just quit using social media.

Why do people subtoots. I ask this as someone trying to break out of the remainder of the habit. What are we achieving especially if we don't friends only and CW it.

Please don't post screenshots of hateful messages. I've blocked these people for a reason. I don't want to see their hatred.

Let's not import that awful Twitter culture in here, please.

I talk about this shit because I think that with the right push we could stop all this toxic behavior. We can make it better, truly better than Twitter. But we have to try.

The problem isn't with Mastodon. The software. The problem is with us, the users. Do fucking better.

I've seen suicidal people bulldozed off fedi because they had a breakdown and instead of talking to them people decided to post about This Is Why They Are Bad and tell everyone they are abusers.

We need to fucking quit allowing that in fedi

Not naming names but there are absolutely people who do this shit and get away with it because they are popular or the right kind of marginalized that they can bulldoze other vulnerable folks and be celebrated

People with thousands of followers posting screenshots just cause someone dared not like them

People posting screenshots of emotionally unstable trans people going "look how bad this person is"

Fucking stop it

Like uncensored screenshotting

Oh I didn't realize there was a new influx when I posted my gloom.

Tbh most of it is entirely related to the fact there are too many attitudes that people didn't leave behind on Twitter

i have a ko-fi if y'all found me from that tumblr post maybe consider

my mom got laid off and money is tight, currently trying to find work. i also got a page

@ratbaby on a long enough timeline the probability that everything turns to shit approaches 1.