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temp locking down my account due to influx. sorry for the inconvienice but feel free to follow request :)

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i have a ko-fi if y'all found me from that tumblr post maybe consider

my mom got laid off and money is tight, currently trying to find work. i also got a page

Trans artist on 🐤 looking for employment in Florida area, willing to relocate.
Here's the link to the original tweet:

i just realized i was tooting to this account and not @revolverocelot

that's what i get for using the same userpic lmao sorry for the false alarm LMAO

hear me out: what if no video game for a year had a white main character

tomb raider, death, racial stuff 

white person survives a flood while brown poor people die around her? check

small brown child killed in a horrible way as a way to give the player and white PC anguish? check

villain is brown? check

i like the part where the POC side character basically tells her to shut the fuck up why arent we playing as him

can we get one of these where the MC (or even one of the MCs) isnt a white person

oh no im already like really agitated at the new tomb raider from like, a racial standpoint

i really hope it smooths out in this regard :x

i mean its part and parcel for this genre - indiana jones offshoots - but

i dunno


Decided not to delete this account, but I set a migration redirect to @revolverocelot

Much love, <3 see you on the flip side!

you can find me at @scoots or @revolverocelot and i just don't know if this account will still be here by the end of the week.

i have other, smaller accounts that are way less stressful than this one is.

seriously considering deleting this account. of no fault of the instance, it's just that i don't really have my heart in it for fedi on this scale anymore. it's not fun anymore.

anyway back to hiding on elekk please take care of yourselves :(((

I'm really tired of of seeing vulnerable people get sideswiped by drama and be in pain because y'all just GOTTA have your drama

Also for the love of god please be careful who you hit in the wayside on this shit. When you go after people, when you dogpile, when you get angry, innocent people often get hit in the spray.

They don't deserve this.

mmm i guess im finally seeing what people are talking about wrt KF is now

i dont like the ppl targeted for Reasons but hey can we not cite KF like it's a legitimate source

just because sometimes its the only place people with genuine complaints feel they can post doesn't mean you should give it credibility


little reminder im posting more on @revolverocelot more rn at lesat while arguments are happening.

i might start posting on again so if you get a follow from @revolverocelot it's me

TIL police officers can legally tase children as young as 7

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