(Image description: several notifications of people liking my profile on the dating app OKCupid)

Shaved my face, finally not feeling dysphoric for once... (selfie, ec)

I finally had the energy to shave after two weeks, I’m so happy :3 (selfie, ec)

what a fucking loser lmao

seriously, can we just throw .social into the volcano already?

So, i was wondering...
If there's a Comic Sans...
There HAS to be a Comic Serif...

And there is!
And I hate it so so so much!

My trio is bullying me into existence with love. It’s not fair!!

Fediblock, anti-feminism, antisimitism, racism 

I did it!
I lured another bastard out with my posts!

Don't federate with this instance.

GENDER is a MYTH invented by the CHURCH to stop you from EATING all the COMMUNION WAFErS

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