Here in Chile we used to call fascists «chupa picos» (“cock suckers”), until people realised that’s there’s nothing wrong with sucking dick, so people started calling them «chupa lumas» (“baton suckers”), which is more hilarious in my opinion.

If you ever need to insult a fascist, call them «fasho culiao chupa lumas!» (“you fucking baton sucking fash!”) :3

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It's converging with bootlicker.

Would it be wrong to assume in this case that "baton" would be referring to the blunt force weapon police use also referred to as a nightstick in some places?

Baton is an acceptable terminology AFAIK. But yes, convergence of language. The popular is becoming less anti-fellatio and more anti-cop. Again, closer to "bootlicker" in meaning but maybe licking boots has a different connotation in that culture? IDK, still neat.

@rvk @raspberry_boy it's more generic, either boots or socks for general adulators, you need to include something distinctive of the cops or military to focus it


Oooh! Thankies!

I've been needing to switch out my standard "Pinche pendejo", because they're starting to get wise to what that means.

@raspberry_boy en los viejos tiempos de la dictadura era "chupa-fusiles", lo que también es un excelente insulto para tankies

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