Why would we Chileans ever use the phrase “Ok boomer” when we have such wonderful phrases as «¡Cállese viejo culiao!» (“Shut up, you fucking old man!”) and «¡'Déntrese tatita!» (“Go back inside, grandpa!”)? :3c

@raspberry_boy I think you said "maths" once (as opposed to "math") and that was it

@raspberry_boy do you mind if this half Mexican lad steals these phrases?

@Odi absolutely not! Take our corruption of the Castilian language and use it as much as you like uwu

@raspberry_boy I always knew the Latin cultures were extremely advanced prior to European colonization but this is on a whole other level

It is just Chilean Spanish, which is a corrupted/vulgar form of regular Spanish. It was influenced by the native languages, but to a small extent...BUT [HISTORY LESSON AHEAD]

The Mapuche people were one of the few to be able to effectively fight back the Spanish, to the point that the conquistadores recognised them as a *nation*, and agreed on a border (the Bio-Bio river) so they could stop the war. Sadly the border was ignored after Chile revolted from Spain :(

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