Hey, wouldn’t it be *fun* if we held the US accountable for all their war crimes, just like we do for every other nation?

@raspberry_boy Given IIRC the united states has plan to invade the netherlands in the event of a american being brought for charges there... yeah it would

@izumidev @raspberry_boy "American Service-Members' Protection Act." thank you @Zero_Democracy for knowing the actual name of the act that gave rise to the plan

@IrisKalmia @raspberry_boy @izumidev Yeah we explicitly have a law that lets us threaten to do pretty much anything up to and including invading another country's sovereign soil if they try to prosecute Americans for war crimes without our say-so.

@IrisKalmia @raspberry_boy @izumidev Usually, what we'd do is just ignore their demands to appear in court. The Hague Commando Plan is for someone gets arrested outside the US and hauled in front of the ICC, which is kind of laughable because the ICC is pretty much just for prosecuting Africans and Eastern-Europeans.

@IrisKalmia @raspberry_boy @izumidev I think you could theoretically use it to justify stomping on smaller countries for independently detaining and prosecuting war crime heroes, but it's not like we wouldn't do that anyway and just claim they were taking hostages.

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