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@bruhjite ¿Qué tiene que hacer un chicx como yo en un mundo como este para recibir un poco de pico? ÚwÙ

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Something has gone horribly wrong if you’re taking life advice from me.

You might be the paragon of virtue, but I’m the paragon of cute uwu

"Center" = majority of public opinion (generally where people like Bernie Sanders are in terms of most policies)

"Centrist" = someone who insists on alwats taking a middle ground for all disagreements, regardless of how factually correct/incorrect a given side of the disagreement may be

hnnnghh colonel, I'm trying to hunt down the freeman, but we're dummy fucked and the combine keep slaughtering our men

i wish i just, made the windows 95 startup sound whenever i woke up

my butt 

Asking for help, money 

so gender reveals are just genital reveals right

if u can’t handle me at my (extremely loud barking noise) u don’t deserve me at my (slightly quieter barking noise)

I wish I had a friend whom I could eat grass and smoke ass with uwu

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