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Something has gone horribly wrong if you’re taking life advice from me.

I saw a group of 4 mimes getting out from under a manhole cover, should I be worried?

failure levels are 62% and rising

(62%) ■■■■■■□□□□

I like how LOL in Japanese was "w" and lolololol was "wwwwwww" and now it's evolved to 草 (kusa, which means grass) because rows of wwwww looks like grass

Don’t forget that tomorrow is mandatory to kick ALL doors open!!

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@adamk678 I know, but it's such a fun word to say! Imagine telling someone: "Shut up, you leh-GYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!"

Can we please turn the word "legume" into an insult? This'll be the next step on human evolution.

Me logging in to Fedi.

[to people talking on animal crossing (a video game), one says: Now I plan on seeing as much of ass as I can. I hope you’ll help me get my bearings!”]

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