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I haven't figured out yet if I'm enbyfemme or a girl, but I do know that I'm not a boy. So that's why I'm a boyn't uwu

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Something has gone horribly wrong if you’re taking life advice from me.

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Wild that you would want to return to "simple" and "natural" living by emulating the behaviors of ancestors who thought that nature sucked ass and really wanted to get rid of the whole thing. You think the colonists liked nature? Colonists thought nature was quite literally satanic. They had no qualms about stating as much, and basically thought they were at war with nature and "backwards" peoples and places.

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@cadence Gemini is a new collaboratively designed internet protocol that is like the web but serving up text/gemini as the native format instead of HTML, CSS, and JS. Imagine a www made of simple Markdown-like files connected by links. It's fully encrypted, private, fast, non-commercial, and fairly malware-proof. Go to to learn more and download a client. #gemini

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My allergies are acting up again, skin rash and everything, so I guess I’m not going to sleep tonight :c

@raspberry_boy Looking for work right now has me acutely aware of how much the Bath and Body Works in the mall near me really likes to shorten its name to BBW and honestly I'll never call it anything else now

Another new com sheet! All prices are the same, i just re-designed the sheet
Thanks! :chick_magic: I have created a Gofundme for a Trans Woman of Color fleeing a Hostile environment in a dangerously Anti LGBT country. It would be immensely appreciated if anyone can donate or at least share this fundraiser to help her. #Transcrowdfund #TransLivesMatter

Anybody on here know of BIPOC/Indigenous artists selling really large wall tapestries? (Boosts appreciated)

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