Imagine everyone on Mastodon is a bot and that this is like The Truman Show, but with more furries.

>:( im not done posting about sonics dick

It’s like in one of those bloody infomercials: Today’s Friday and you get to go home at 2 pm, BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!

Who would have thought that being forced to have 6 hours of school after 6 hours of school would drain your fucking soul?
(Note that on a normal day I have 8+ hours of school (might or might not want to blow my brains out))

TWITTER: fetish discourse
FEDI: kin discourse
ME, SIMPLY: trying to fit my dick and balls in the garbage disposal

your robot gf's screen pops up with a :( face on a blue screen. you ask her if everything's okay, and she says "we're sorry, we encountered an error: you're just too cute for us to process. please wait whilst we restart"

Yeah, real life sucks, but at least it’s not run by EA or Ubisoft.

Today’s PSA: Though it might look as if your cat’s doing bugger all all day, they’re actually trying their hardest to make you happy.

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