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I finally did a doodle of one of my OCs!! :3

I don't do drawings with colours very often, but I'm trying to change that c:

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I haven't figured out yet if I'm enbyfemme or a girl, but I do know that I'm not a boy. So that's why I'm a boyn't uwu

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Something has gone horribly wrong if you’re taking life advice from me.

I have been asleep for 18 hours. Good morning? Where am i

pol regarding USians online 

The thing about being in a giant, oppressive country is that one is always fighting for space to exist. I became expert at identifying the clues that some hegemonic thing was preparing to squash me. I was ready to fight like hell on a moment's notice, because this was required.

I showed up to England, where I *thought* I'd be speaking my native language, but I discovered I couldn't understand my new neighbours at all. When I did get the pronunciation, I found phrasing that was massively suspect. And, as always, I came out swinging. What I failed to notice was the different context.

To be fair to myself, hegemonic USians are always claiming some sort of contextual excuses that are always bullshit, but, as I was actually in a different country, the context was actually different. Words that were offensive at home were benign abroad. (And worse, benign words at home turned out to have extremely offensive baggage here, which lost me friends.)

The fediverse is international, but people who have lived their whole lives in the US have largely been denied previous experiences negotiating it.

Everyone on this network has some privilege and just as anyone can be gentrifier, anyone can participate in american hegemony. Especially if one is unused to having privilege in a situation, the fighting we all learn can easily turn into this. Indeed, this is some of the origin of white women's tears and similar things.

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Smooth yoda would be less cursed with different hair. Still cursed but just less so

ESTA TARDE | #PacosSinGloria: Manifestación en apoyo al pueblo Colombiano fue reprimida en la comuna de Providencia por los esbirros de Piñera.

— Capucha Informativa

ESTA TARDE | #Chile: Velatón en Mapocho en solidaridad con el pueblo colombiano y las víctimas del terrorismo de Estado y del #MalGobierno de Duque.

— Capucha Informativa


"D&D is all about power fantasies" I whisper as I write 'perfect juggler' under proficiencies


"main/espboy32.cpp​:41:​12: warning: 'bottom' defined but not used"


Volvo hat 1959 die Erfindung des Dreipunkt-Gurtes patentfrei für alle nutzbar gemacht, weil der Nutzen den Profit bei weitem überwiegt.

Und damit zurück nach 2021, wo in einer Pandemie Patente auf lebenswichtige Impfstoffe eine bessere Herdenimmunität weltweit verhindern.

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