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I haven't figured out yet if I'm enbyfemme or a girl, but I do know that I'm not a boy. So that's why I'm a boyn't uwu

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Something has gone horribly wrong if you’re taking life advice from me.

I hope they add “uwu” and “owo” to the English dictionary as soon as possible so people stop complaining about English being a shit language

how do you even turn to someone as if to say "hurry boy it's waiting there for you". what kind of gesture is that

Battery sizes have taught me something:
The smaller they are, the louder they scream uwu

my pokesona might be a blaziken if I didn't find them so difficult to draw

I met my goal of getting a new build out by the end of the month last week and then fixed all the issues everyone found. My next goal is to finish the forest room by the end of July, and considering I just need to finish the cave and it's already halfway done, I have high hopes

extremely bad gamer take, lewd, misogyny 

extremely bad gamer take, lewd, misogyny 

v lewd nude, @ reader, kink, boosts+ 

if you're "patriotic" block me now, you're disgusting.

lewd shitpost relating to a something i saw posted to the tl 

What if I sat on your lap

And you brushed me

And we were both girls

thinkin about becoming god, but in a sexy domme way

please shoot me
did a fresh install of manjaro and my wifi drivers don't work

iwconfig only shows lo and eno1

why can't I have nice things?

Computer: system language = US English

Also computer: language I’m going to show the date in = Spanish

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