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best bud spud gave me a 2009 mini mac and guess what im on

out of touch gregorian chant nightcore hardcore dubstep remix thursday

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Happy International Men's Day to all the amazing trans men out there

why did I read an email I always hate that

I found a tiktok channel with old show intros from the 90s and the 00s and some of the 80s too and I found out of the box which was MY SHIT and now I’m really sad don’t get old

"man" and "woman" are commonly used genders. To make your gender more secure, make up your own

Please rewind your toots before returning them!


also ive never heard of Lou Sullivan before and i am LIVID. He did many amazing things and i feel like i owe so much to him despite never being fucking told about him before

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Millennials will be like "I don't answer phone calls!" and then facetime each other

pretty biphobic that i’m not kissing a boy rn and also that i need to complete assignments

bought *someone* their xmas presents just now and im excited for them to unravel them!!!

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