when I receive a newsletter i want to see where the links in the html part lead to when I mouse-over. the tracking links that lead via the newsletter service should not be the new normal. I protest!

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There's really no reason for anyone to use a platform that does not budge at such clear use of nazi symbols anymore.

It's getting worse and worse. We really need a new network.

Reading Xenogenesis trilogy by Octavia E Butler. Finished the first book - Dawn. Really enjoying it!

I just saw this on Geography Now youtube channel and had to check it myself - and it's true!

So, New Zealand is often excluded from maps of the world. It's often just isn't there. The most tragicomical thing is that even the designers/webmasters of NZ govt site have done it!

If you get to 404 page on their website, it shows a map of the world, where NZ is omitted!!


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so now it's impossible to link to a content on a tumblr blog without having to have a tumblr and log in?

well, fuck you tumblr, just fuck off. another example why never trust any silo. at the end, they will all screw you over.

just learn *nix admin and get your own server somewhere/at-home.

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