help please,
many moons ago i came across a modern tool that was perfect as a replacement for sshfs - namely to mount a remote folder as a drive but that it would persist across laptop's power suspends and migrations to different (wifi) networks - local/public...

i lost the link and the name. it's almost like a syncthing but for mounting folders instead for syncing them.

anyone has ideas what this project would be?

(pls boost)

I guess I'm looking for a tool that is a combination of
- autofs (automatic on-demand re-mounting)
- syncthing/wormhole (automatic discovery of the mount wherever you are, and persinstence/remounts across laptop suspends)

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this wouldn't be needed (autofs/automount would work) if the world would be using IPv6, I guess.

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@vu3rdd very interesting project. very close to what i'm looking for, but it seems quite complex. i don't think that was it.

@randomdent Maybe btsync? it turned into a more commercial resilio, but I still use btsync.
I have it set to autostart in kde.

@gemlog that's sync. i need mounting across dynamic networks. something that silently fixes the inaccessible mounts.

@randomdent I've only used sshfs or fish otherwise. I use ssh keys only with no password. If I then use a gui like e.g. dolphin in kde or even mc in a shell I simply experience a slight pause before using it normally (taking into account network overhead).

@gemlog I use sshfs on daily basis. And I love it. I just wish to be able to setup my SO's laptop to automount (yes, looking at autofs) from home, in office 1, in office 2 (all different networks without restarting or remounting manualy.

@randomdent Probably not what you had in mind but I do this using sshfs and ZeroTier.

@fuxoft thanks, this is interesting. yeah not what I had in mind, but good pointer! thanks.

that sounds somewhat like rclone, and it indeed has ssh backend.

@taxuswc hey, great link. i downloaded and tried it but it seems to fail at workstation on local lan which don't have a proper dns. for example:

$ ssh user@workstation1.local

totally works,


$ rclone lsd workstation1:/

does not. it fails with

NewFs: couldn't connect SSH: dial tcp: lookup workstation1.local on no such host


tbh, I don't know how to solve it without specifying ip's in rclone config; in our local network dnsmasq handles dns queries.

@taxuswc on my local machines it's avahi that handles this 'discovery' of local network services

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