this explanation that Facebook is just a reimagination (recapture?) of internet via a network television business model of behaviour control - where the audience is the product, and the advertiser is the customer - is genious.

Dmytri Kleiner, (with help of Dallas Smythe) in 2012.

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"Smythe asks what “the nature of the ‘product’” of radio and television actually is. First, there would be a market for receivers. Second, “there is that product known as station time, and sometimes as audience loyalty (measured by ratings) which stations sell to advertisers. What is sold is a program for the audience (in whose continuing loyalty the station management has a vital interest), and the probability of developing audience loyalty to the advertiser. [...] In commercial radio and television, our Janus-like product is paid for twice. It is paid for once, as a producer’s good, if you please, when the sponsor pays for its production. And it is paid for again, as a consumer’s good, when the more or less predictable audience response results in the ringing of cash registers where the sponsor’s product is sold to ultimate consumers”. It would therefore be a myth that “radio and television programs are ‘free’” (Smythe 1951, via Christian Fuchs, 2012)

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