had a gay dream tonight.

was making out with someone on the fediverse, they jumped on me in a cosy situation. i welcomed them. they are quite handsome according to pics but I don't know them personally (if you don't count couple of reply toots)

woke up pretty excited. i wouldn't mind it IRL, I really wound't.

"The sky above the port was the color of dijon mustard, tuned to a dead flavor."

@randomdent I don't know of one doing an overview of all the issues, but you can maybe share a few links to specific problems:
- installs a 10-year-span cookie in the browser on uninstall: threatspike.com/blog/zoom_cook
- blocks users discussing Tiananmen massacre nytimes.com/2020/06/11/technol
- malware on MacOS after uninstall: macworld.com/article/3407764/z
- lied about end-to-end encryption: theverge.com/2020/3/31/2120123

US americans can only accept thought that is US american, no matter of xyz have expressed this thought endlessly before, with big tech in their hands it is ultimate extraction of the intellectual, it is truly oppressive

In the presence of so many unknowns, how can alternative network infrastructures support the creation of radically equitable futures? What tactics of distributed collective care allow us to offer mutual aid in this moment? How can we apply more broadly what we learn as we go about decentralizing the conference across time and place?


how can I tell coworkers, bosses, friends and family that they shouldn't use zoom? is there a good article that I can link to?

Today is a perfect day to financially support the makers of the open source software that you use.

People dedicate their lives to making the internet a place of sharing, freedom and compassion - often without any reward, and at times great personal cost.

Donate / support / order from someone you believe in today. Every dollar matters. We can help our friends eat, live and to ensure they can stay dedicated to their dreams.

#laborday #opensource #patreon #liberapay #donate

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My older brother had this amazing calculator back in late 80s/early 90s that looked like a small computer.


long lines while writing emails in different webmail clients still get to me. i want my 64/70 columns back!

in monotype!

as a standard!


bandcamp link, boosts+++ 

Today is a #Bandcamp day - artists get everything you give (minus PayPal fees). Feel free to name your price. And it's all #CreativeCommons. Please boost.

:cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa: :bandcamp:

"OMG! Why are you always *so* DIFFICULT?"

"Well, it's entirely your fault."

"*How* is it *my* fault??"

"When you were making your life-experience simulation choices, you explicitly stated you wanted a parter who would challenge you."

"Okay… that is *not* what I meant when I selected that!"

"Well, you can take it up with the program director then."

"…Except you're modeled after her, in a fashion…"

"So you're saying you don't want to speak with the actual woman you're in love with, to tell her that the facsimile you based on her is frustrating?"

"No. Computer, remove self awareness"

habitats/horizons that you enjoy the most?


they have code on github alright, but under what licence? MS-RSL - Microsoft Reference Source Licence.

I remember the time when I was using MUTT for email and it had this great feature that it would store a sent email into the folder named after the recepient. With a single keybinding one could also quickly move a msg from inbox to a folder named after email of the sender.

I keep wanting to try those emacs email clients and configure them to my liking.

did you know they make ultra-minimalist supports for open-air computers? for maximum cyberpunk cred, you're going to need these mounted basically everywhere from now on

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