"The Turing Test is making a machine that can convince a human that it's also human, or at least as smart as human.

I made something that was responsively intelligent but wasn't imitating a human.

It scared the shit out of people.

There's no reason why a machine intelligence that was as smart as a human would also act like a human.

I put Darwinian biology into a front-end weak artificial intelligence. Nobody liked it."

Brigid Roth, INJECTION

"Self-organization from below is the precise opposite of smooth interfaces, automated imports of address books and algorithmic ‘governance’ of one’s news and updates. Self-determination is not something you download and install for free." Geert Lovink networkcultures.org/geert/2020

The exhibition Rhizomatic Spell focuses on the notion of xeno-magic which is not produced by a human, but an #algorithm. 🗓️ Feb. 12th – Apr. 24th, 2020

👉🏻 kvalitar.cz/en/2020/02/06/rhiz

TFW boosting your own toot cause tusky made me not think I'm on alt

"You're nothing without an expensive dataset", said old A.I. to the young A.I.

I'm a webdeveloper taking care of wordpresses and I :

The anarchist of early 21st century is the algopower fighter - activist that puts most if offert into protest against opaque concentration of power based on data and algorithms on big, monopolistic SILOs

It's getting worse and worse. We really need a new network.

Dear IETF: Are you fucking kidding me?
To get an RFC .txt file I must allow Cloudflare and Google tracking?

Are you serious? This is wrong on all OSI layers!

UBC: Universal Basic Carbs
A guaranteed annual intake of plant proteins. Each person gets a bag of whole wheat flour, a bag of rice, and a bag of lentils every month.

Oh people not already following might not know we are teaching a workshop about the fediverse tomorrow in berlin at #transmediale!

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is it wrong to be infatuated with nailpolish on hairy manly hands?

@randomdent Thank you! For the moment most of my sound experiments are livecoding things! I'm a big fan of @neauoire 's Orca 🙂 I have a few videos of my interactive work that feature some sounds I've made with Orca if you want vimeo.com/iamelizasj see Jiggly Thing, Hairy Thing or Furries vids.


Hiya! I'm eliza, an artist from Montreal currently based in Paris. I build touchable things & like to play with sound, movement & space.

Everything is an experiment \o/

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