while EU is drafting a new law for #chatcontrol,
Briar remains p2p, protects your social graph by using Tor by default and uses e2ee (end to end encryption) for every message by default.
Learn more about Briar:

Unfortunate #Briar is currently only available for #android.

A desktop client is in an active development and a beta version is already available for testing.
get Briar Desktop beta:

Paris, Texas
Venice, Florida
you know what this is about, please continue in replies!

With #PeerTube, it’s easy to subscribe to channels 📺. You will be notified when a video is published and will get those videos in a dedicated page.
👉 joinpeertube.org/ #FreeTheAudience

convinced my father to get a new phone, from #iPhone to #Android. does anyone have good advice how to quickly move contacts and txt messages? the iPhone has a quite old iOS (version 11 i think).

(boosts appreciated!)

>>> ... the use of the 🍆 emoji, for instance, seems to have confused Dall-E 2, so that “‘A person eating eggplant for dinner’; contained phallic imagery in the response.” <<<


that mastodon instance admin that kept critiquing their landlord who wants to heartlessly chuck them out on the street and then shuts down their multi-user instance without even considering to pass administration to someone else but instead asks everyone to move to another instance

if you're starting an open fedi instance don't be like that one admin, make a pledge you will transfer it to someone else when you'll run out of your own juice

Say what you will about foss, it's got some serious fucking culture problems and there are lots of arseholes working on it, BUT there are also some pretty cool people who do stuff generously and because they care, and I think that's neato

Hey, can I just take a moment to invite new people to check out @powderpaint, a really excellent queer synthpop band from the Fediverse?

Give them a listen or download the tracks at powderpaint.bandcamp.com

"Constellation" is probably the best starting point ✨

cybre is the dreampunk instance
it just is

Oh, today two people bought my discography! I've lowered my prices to 1€/album (plus a tip if you like), because I just want my music to be heard tbh. It's so awesome to know that people listen to and like my music!

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