"I am capable of hating cryptocurrency AND capitalism AND art fairs."

This quote can go on a blue and white tile in the kitchen.

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Am I missing something or app within has no option to save an email address from an outgoing message into Contacts on the same instance?! But this option exists if you install RainLoop on its own - not integrated within NextCloud.



"... stopping a disease in its tracks is bad business. In one famous instance, the biotech company Gilead saw its profits fall in 2015–16 as a result of its new hepatitis C drug — because it ended up fully curing most patients. The same perverse incentive structure has sabotaged efforts to create preemptive vaccines, despite urgent calls from public health experts for the last twenty years."

Finland Had a Patent-Free COVID-19 Vaccine Nine Months Ago — But Still Went With Big Pharma

good ol flamewar 

>> my biggest frustrations with Apple have been simply having to wait for someone else to fix a problem that was forced on me with a bad update, etc. “It just works...” except when it doesn’t. <<

"Twitter's First Law of Tweeting states that for every tweet there's an unequal and opposite overreaction."


ARC-Authentication-Results: i=1; mx.microsoft.com 1; spf=none; dmarc=none; dkim=none; arc=none

covid19, aotearoa 

"Lockdown measures will be introduced across Auckland from midnight on Sunday, while restrictions will also be increased elsewhere in New Zealand, after three local cases were reported over the weekend."


managed to setup 2.1 on a YUNoHost instance and migrate lists from an old server. phew!

I did write some issues in some github repos, somewhere sometime.


linux: i want smart network mounts 

on my laptop I (net)mount (sshfs) a folder on a workstation on my local lan at work.

I open file manager, browse to mounted folder, open an ODT file and start editing.

i suspend the laptop midwork by closing the lid, take it with me home, where I open it and want to continue working.

workstation is accessible from home with ssh and portforwarding

with this does not work well. libreoffice freezes forever and filemanager freezes until it gets network.

i want this self-healing non-freezing mechanism to the same mountpoint where autofs would intelligently try multiple mounts and in the meantime provide some soft notif to processes that want to access the folder on inaccessible mount...

"Rena Disaster, Mural Detail"

If you turn 180° after admiring the Kevin Ledo mural on Steeple Lane you'll see this by Cracked Ink on the opposite wall.

this wouldn't be needed (autofs/automount would work) if the world would be using IPv6, I guess.

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I guess I'm looking for a tool that is a combination of
- autofs (automatic on-demand re-mounting)
- syncthing/wormhole (automatic discovery of the mount wherever you are, and persinstence/remounts across laptop suspends)

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help please,
many moons ago i came across a modern tool that was perfect as a replacement for sshfs - namely to mount a remote folder as a drive but that it would persist across laptop's power suspends and migrations to different (wifi) networks - local/public...

i lost the link and the name. it's almost like a syncthing but for mounting folders instead for syncing them.

anyone has ideas what this project would be?

(pls boost)

Privacy Redirect: A web extension that redirects Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google Maps, Reddit & Google Search requests to privacy friendly alternatives - Nitter, Invidious, FreeTube, Bibliogram, OpenStreetMap & Private Search Engines like DuckDuckGo and Startpage.


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