i think music by Vectroid (Ramona Andra Xavier) is kindof like what Fusion Jazz was to the 70/80s. or whatever. but this album is amazing:

an Anticapitalist/Hacker comrade from the vasq country is asking for help to get to 35c3 this year. any help will be great, if you can't pls try to pass this on among other anarchist hackers or radical hackers gofundme.com/35th-chaos-commun thanks <3 #hispagatos

tired: nature vs culture

Invasion of Astro-Monster (1965) 怪獣大戦争, directed by Ishiro Honda

Also, current mood


love it!

Wandering astray in mists, for loading samples and for granular synthesis ..." ). Suck your life out just like quicksand, like kind of love, like čujem sinje morje when every machine switches off.

Slaving with some python scripts and USB and minibee Arduino and what not. Deadlines looming.

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We should have 3 different car horns:

1️⃣ - watch out/pay attention! (we have this now)
2️⃣ - excuse me, your dress is caught in the door.
3️⃣ - I'm sorry, that was my fault.

yeah yeah, sex and all that, but have you ever replaced your body with a swarm of pixel-like nanobots which can assume any shape at will, thus rendering your previous sense of body image utterly maladapted and obsolete?

I know this is The Zeitgeist(TM), but

it's really weird to watch someone stranger's stream when s/he is browsing a tumblr feed.

Scientist have discovered why some female spiders eat their mates. Show more

Today's fun fact: Forests are inherently socialist. Seriously.

In a forest, most plants are linked together by an underground network of mycorrhizal fungi. Via the fungi, the plants share resources around so that they can all benefit. Wha's more, the plants contribute more or less depending on how much they have. Plants with more resources contribute more to their community, helping to nurture the small, young, and weak ones.

This is one of my favourite random pieces of knowledge!


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