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Google is making it harder for apps to track you on your Android phone - but you need to opt-out!

Read our guide to learn how to opt-out! 💃privacyinternational.org/guide

❤️ And spread the love by sharing these tips with your friends & loved ones

playing on the porch this morning with a tiny system :)



* No use for the purpose of extracting oil, gas, or coal.
* No use for the purpose of facilitating child labor.
* No use for the purpose of discrimination or hate speech towards disadvantaged groups on the basis of...
* Sex
* Sexual Orientation
* Gender Identity
* Race
* Age
* Disability
* Color
* National Origin
* Religion
* Lower Economic Status

The Non-Violent Public License intentionally does not meet the Free Software Definition because of the restrictions put in place to protect others from violence aided by the use of the copyrighted work. "Freedom 0" is explicitly violated to afford these protections and prevent unethical usage of the program to actually Free Society.This license does preserve freedoms 1-3 and can be referred to as a "three freedoms" license.




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How did the watermelon become a symbol of resistance for Palestinians?

AJ+ spoke with Palestinian artist Sliman Mansour who explains that the idea initially came from an Israeli soldier.

"if we don't change, we are f*cked"

-Greta Thunberg

Understand that no matter what your race, you will never be free until Black and Indigenous peoples are.

We're happy to announce the release of #YunoHost 4.2 !

Thanks to all the contributors and testers ! 💗

- 🌻 Rewrite of the webadmin using VueJs
- 3️⃣ Finally moving to Python 3 😅, paving the way to Bullseye
- 🃏 More sensible update strategy for dyndns domains (nohost.me, etc.)
- 🔑 SFTP and SSH permissions
- 🚑 Many improvements on backups
- 📦 Around 35 new apps since January !

More info in the release note on the forum:


Facebook and Palestine 

Silencing & censorship. These are the violent tactics of digital colonialism.


Palestinians criticise social media censorship over Sheikh Jarrah



"Palestinians have also highlighted in addition to cracking down on freedom of expression, the acquiescence of these social media companies to Israeli government requests of revealing users’ data have led to the arrests of hundreds of Palestinians in the past several years, mainly for their posts on Facebook. In contrast, Israelis do not face the same treatment."

Traven is OUT now!

Another opensource two-tracker release of some computermusic weirdness made in #SuperCollider.

Please enjoy.

(please boost)


(both audio and code published under PP:BY-SA-NC licence)

#music #ElectronicMusic #ComputerMusic #bandcamp

open source projects are often used to make profit by businesses who don’t reciprocate value

A: no I don't.
Q: do you also answer a question before it's been asked?

interleaved posting style

Why don’t we stop treating it as entirely normal that the more obviously one’s work benefits others, the less one is likely to be paid for it; or insisting that financial markets are the best way to direct long-term investment even as they are propelling us to destroy most life on Earth?


@zrythm Unfortunately, it's not only proprietary monopolies. There is a division in the free software community right now, and the division is over RMS and FSF governance. That in itself is sad and shouldn't be like that. That in itself indicates something is wrong. It shouldn't be so polarizing, but it somehow is. I think it is equally unjust to say everyone who doesn't agree with RMS is an enemy to free software nor it is okay to say everyone who supports RMS is a "bro". Let's not do it.

Hello I have 20+ years of SRE/DevOps/Sysadmin and programming experience. Do you know an appropriate job for me for around 30 hours a week? Are you hiring? DM me!




wait what?

"Open edX and edX are registered trademarks. You may not use "openedx." or "edx." as subdomains when naming your site. "

is this actually enforceable? can you get cease and desist for using subdomain that is the same as a trademark?

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