Did you know that you don't need X-Windows for graphics on Linux? Here's a few console programs that can display graphics using the framebuffer:

- fbi
Display and manage images directly from the command line.

- links2
A simple web browser without CSS and JS, can display inline images when switched to graphics mode with the -g param: 'links2 -g'

- mplayer
Play videos straight from the console! Can be a little tricky.

(And yes, I used a 5:4 monitor the screenshots.)

:crt_w_prompt: :blobowo:

consider the possibility

that some of our fedi instances/pods are actually practicing a non-state controlled federated guild socialist industrial and economic democracy

(ok, back to reading about social )

💩 post 


Just managed to make work on my own hosted instance of YUNOHOST. I can now ditch LastPass!

cc @switchingsocial

So, it seems to be possible to create your own non-algorithmic curation of instagram and twitter posts with bridge-rss and an online RSS reader like FreshRSS? YEah, ok, no tapping for likes and retweeting but anyway, I'm happy to be able to follow artists and people who (stupidly) decided to stop blogging and just tweet and insta.

G-d thank you for everyone contributing to FLOSS ecosystems!!!

On my new yunohost installation suddenly web stopped responding and ssh rejected connection.

I was banned from my own server by service called fail2ban. 😆

@yunohost i want that full mail stack, , maybe try a personal and some basic webpages for a start...

Tryin out - spawned a VPS at hetzner, checked debian 9 and run the curl command. let's see.

cc / @yunohost

You know what? I don't know who recomended Kim Stanley Robinson to me. The Red Mars is really boring. After reading his bio on goodreads it's clear that he's just too enchanted with mars and his desire to be there. I mean his psychological work on characters is not that bad, I just wish I could Dezionize-matrix that book - just edit it in a video editor and throw out most of landscape descriptions. They make more than 60-70% of the book. Or so it feels.

I'll switch back to Octavia Butler right now!

In the case of the vote to leave the EU, Borwick claimed that the most successful message in getting people out to vote had been about animal rights. Vote Leave argued that the EU was cruel to animals because, for example, it supported farmers in Spain who raise bulls for bullfighting. And within the “animal rights” segment Borwick could focus even tighter, sending graphic ads featuring mutilated animals...


"How to Hack #AI." #PatternRecognition can be tricked. Adversarial Methods.

👉🏻 Abuse Scope

👉🏻 Change the Color

👉🏻 Altered / Trap Iconography

👉🏻 Perturbation

👉🏻 Sensor Blast

👉🏻 #Camouflage Mask

👉🏻 Camouflage Surroundings

👉🏻 Input #Trolling

👉🏻 Tag Trolling

👉🏻 Be Obscure

Just been at the post office sending another bunch of USB booklets and hexagram'd CDRs. Always amazing feeling to send music out into the world, on its own journey.

I hand write personal notes and often include another extra gift/goodie or two.


the state-approved systemic violence
breaks my heart.

it's unjust - most of the time, and cold as ice, cold as sharp samurai-sword metal. it can (and too often does) cuts through innocent peoples lives, those who are in need.

i'm so sorry. this world sucks, I wonder, like many before me, why is it, that is so full of suffering.

Thank you to all the creative, diverse, respectful, kind, generous, funny, just, sustainable, rad, supportive humans in my small chunk of Fediverse for putting the "decent" in "decentralisation". 💚 ✊

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