the queen is dead. you can no longer lose the game. it's over. you're free


watching math videos but not paying attention to them is my new hobby, i half absorb random higher math things without actually learning them so i get to stay a bimbo while knowing what to google if i wanna group theory myself some bitches

joke about getting stopped at TSA for being transfemme 

“unexpected item in shagging area”

a computer somewhere in Google's ad department tearing its hair out trying to figure out why, every day, i enter a retail store, but do not buy anything

i love it when the withdrawal from amphetamine (adderall) just makes me sleepy and cuddly. took it this morning for my presentation

do you know that php can be a fairly good c preprocessor


anxiety bad today. bosses like my research but i just, can’t finish the paper. i have presentation and poster done but writing just, is really hard for me.

Hacker News comment:

> The trans programming community is strange and interesting, also many of them seem to be in a polyamorous relationship with each other. [..] almost intimidating from the outside

ph --- 

i’ve been feeling kindof nauseous and sick recently. i did accidentally spray some isopropanol vapor in my mouth with a solder sucker and now i’m worried it’s fucking with my tummy. just wish i felt comfortable again :(

really upset that i have to migrate my mojang account. it doesn't really affect me but it just, feels bad to be forced to accept a new TOC for something i've already bought.

figured out how to download ao3 fics and push em to my Kindle I am fucking unstoppable

pos, joke, implied cops mention 

@maia was your new years resolution to become persona non grata in every country because if so you're doing great

yes i meow around my family, im just built different
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