@steph That's also what perfectionism feels like often.. Yeah I got the quality in but everybody else optimized for time.

@IceWolf @Novimatrem except when it's open source but proprietary *eyes vscode*

gender thoughts, sex thots 

i'm a woman in the same way that like, a tomato is a vegtable. like when you want to like, create a group with other plants, i'd go in a salad instead of a pie. but biologically, i'm a fruit, and if you try to pin down like, a metaphysical answer, i'm just a bunch of organic matter that looks really juicy that enjoys being eaten out


sometims i just think about how i wanna kiss like half of my mutuals

In GNU , you can define a function in Lisp, then switch to JavaScript mode and define a JavaScript function to call that Lisp function, switch back to Lisp mode and call that JavaScript function, which recursively calls the Lisp function. Pure heresy!

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updating my gender toolchain to the latest beta

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