furry art tagging, e621, transphobia 

@rana There's the tag "trans_woman_(lore)", which is really condescending ๐Ÿ™

(I'm not mad at anything or the like, just enjoying the juxtaposition of mundane and /inhuman/.)

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Girl interested in doing normal hobbies? Yep.

Still a wild animal, though. *opens jaws slightly and shows off her teeth*


Well I'm back out now, for some reason. Hey everyone.

Suddenly fronting again and it's nice being out. Hey everyone.

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why would youtube-dl get DMCAed

youtube-dl isn't copyrighted content illegally posted somewhere

youtube-dl can be used to download copyrighted content to be reposted yes but that shouldn't constitute a DMCA claim

I don't know why I came to bork at the timeline because we're just about to go to bed.

But anyway, yip.

cyborg transhumanism furry stuff 

Thinking about those arm prostheses that can move based on nerve signals that would otherwise go towards the limb made of flesh there

Wonder if that could be done to a tail :dragnthink:

furry art tagging, e621, transphobia 

Not only do they recommend transphobia,
they /actively enforce and require/ transphobia.

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[Up-to-this-point was originally at meow.social/@IceWolf/105056515, but this is now the definitive version. Frost wrote the first three paragraphs but is okay with me claiming them as my own.]

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furry art tagging, e621, transphobia 

I don't even know how they'd tag me with traditionally-female face features and stuff, but outie equipment.

I'm not male, that's for sure.

(Given I'm a wolf and it's nearly impossible to tell from the face, they'd probably tag me straight-up male I guess.)

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furry art tagging, e621, transphobia 

This probably isn't news, but e621's "tag what you see" policy is inherently transphobic. *growls*

It requires that characters be defined by their /physical appearance/ according to stereotypical gender norms.

If it were tags /about/ physical appearance, it wouldn't be an issue. But these tags aren't. Things like "male" or "female" are /gender/, not equipment, and they should be treated as such.

Cinnamon is agender, and they've got outie bits.

I'm /straight-up female/ and I've got outie bits.
Don't want to change them either, they're what fit me โ€“ /but that doesn't make me male./ *bares teeth and snarls*

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Gonna repost this over here since it directly involves me, and I wrote some of it anywayโ€“

@IceWolf @Ylfingr Hey, wolves? Let's go to bed.

(you're a wolf too.)
Yeah but this lets me give you free validation. :pixel_heart_teal:

Mars is as close as it is going to be to earth tonight until 2035. ๐Ÿ™‚ It's really bright ๐Ÿ™‚


Okay um, I think I'm a predator apparently.

...I guess I'm fronting all of a sudden?

Well hey everyone! *barks*

poking headmate 

Yo @IceWolf, get out of bed! *noses* :3

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