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every morning i wake up and i don't look exactly like bayonetta is a travesty and a crime against humanity

alright no more fuckin around it's time to work on some art or something

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all the problematic trans jokes are endlessly hilarious to me

ooh, they have the internet on computers now!

i've been so busy and tired because of irl stuff that this is the first time i've been able to shave in a week and let me tell you, casting off the beast that is dysphoria-triggering lumberjack beard feels good, man

ramona relayed

me: transition goals

you: uhh, you mean venom? or morrigan?

me again: yes

x-men vs street fighter is so incredibly broken, yet it is such an incredibly fun time waster

pretty sure i'm not going to finish bayonetta 2 on infinite climax. playing it on hard, though, that's more my speed.

realizing i get more emotional when someone checks in on me during a bad time than i do the actual bad time

i managed to figure out how to make the editor in the fm-7 version of thunder force work (shift+1 at the title screen, like in the pc88 version), but this one is also either copy protected or it involves using blank disks that i can't figure out.

speaking of game editors, i once again tried to figure out how to get thunder force saves to export and once again i have to give up. very hard to get any info for a game so obscure people spent years thinking it wasn't even real on a computer that only existed in japan.

used to spend a lot of time messing around with the editors in knytt stories and smash bros brawl, then scratching my head and realizing that i was somehow too stupid to figure out the editor for littlebigplanet. you know, the game for children.

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