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Seeing off the spirits on the final night.




in frame : micah
spthx : mei🔥

definitely know where aew stands on the "kink at pride" discourse

found out the hard way that if you forget to install the raidou/dante dlc in the nocturne remaster, you miss out on the matador fight








#tokyocameraclub #東京カメラ部 #Japan #Photo #写真 #日本 #Photograph #Photography

for the record, i'm doing touhou 7. i can make it up to the last phase of the stage 5 boss before i screw it up and lose all my lives. have to keep practicing until i can get to the last level (6) without losing, then actually finish the darn game.

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❄ ain't no safe place for trans women except with our own kind, everywhere else is a fucking warzone. We have to love and support each other because nobody else in the world will.

logged onto evil bird site to see what the comments are on my last blog post. saw that i was being accused of being part of the new wave of queer conservatism due to my controversial stance of "queer artists should be able to make cool shit without also having to deal with death threats and harassment."

man, that site is going to destroy an entire generation.

pretty sure i've already mentioned this, but deadlock is my new favorite internet show

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