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also kind of fucked up that game has been out a decade. please stop making me feel old, world.

oh shit i forgot i should upload my ten year old liveblog of when braid came out

it was three am, and i was wired on energy drinks because i had to work an overnight shift at my old job. i didn't like the game much.

trying to chill but i'm still too dang moody 😡

i went to the store to get cough syrup. i like to get the children's grape, because it doesn't taste like i want to die. but all they have is cherry!!!!! cherry sucks!!!!!!

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finally got to try out the stardew valley multiplayer with nora reed and we had fun with it

what if there was a romhack of momoko 120% where you got younger instead of older

i think my fursona is going to end up being a sonic recolor oc

season 3 dlc: chelsea manning, bonzi buddy, and bruce lee's relative "chin"

tekken 7 is trying to beat "my fire pro wrestling roster" for most out there crossovers

god damn tekken 7 is the best game ever

oh okay tekken 7 evo finals guess i'm not getting anything done now

ramona relayed

i'm still working on things, despite being sick and moody

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