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got a nine hour timeout on birdsite for making a self-deprecating joke about myself and my work. tried to like a photo of my friend being hot and it went up to twelve hours.

remembering that time i went to a strip club when i was 19 and the dj played this song during a set

got a bad art block going on right now

i had a few randos coming at me this morning with the whole "being trans and into weird sex shit and being problematic makes you literally a monster" kinkshaming bullshit

one of them has casca from berserk as their avatar


a girl told me she thought my stutter was cute

i think she likes me because ain't no way a normal person would say that

ramona relayed

should probably get back into that. and style savvy. all this voxel stuff has made me want to build cute things.

can't remember the last time i turned on my 3ds

all my animal crossing villagers are gonna be pissed

ramona relayed

i don't have the traditional spidey suit, so this one will have to do

spider-man is my favorite super hero so i'm going to be mourning for a bit

oh it's 92 degrees no wonder i've felt like i was going to die all day

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